On the Good Side

I have been thinking a lot lately about living on the sunny side of life.  The glass half full kind of thinking.  And I have come up with a list of positives for this house turned trap situation we have found ourselves in. And although, just like Star Wars, there will always be a Dark Side, I need to keep rolling with the Light Side in order to stay sane.

So, in the unlikely? event that our house does not sell this year, here are some measurable positive outcomes for our family:

  • As long as Mike has steady-ish work we will be paying off $800 per month in debt and that is like money in the bank for our trip.
  • The boys will be that much older and will have a greater understanding of their place in the world, thus getting more and remembering more from our Worldschool Adventure.
  • Summer and fall are my favorite seasons (along with Spring!) and I hope to get out there and enjoy them with my family.  And all though in my books winter SUCKS maybe we can try some new winter-ish things this year and I will be persuaded to dislike winter a little bit less.
  • I have been thinking a lot about experimenting more with a  locavore diet, and now is the perfect time to dip our toes into that kind of challenge.

If I were to make a list of hypothetical reasons the list could go on for ever, but that’s not too shabby for concrete positives right?

And in the meantime, along with my usual long-term family travel related posts, I plan on blogging more about our adventures from the best place on earth…..British Columbia!

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  1. Amy says:

    Love the positive attitude here, Amy. Good luck!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Thanks Amy!

  2. Rebeca says:

    I’ve been trying to practice gratitude too, giving thanks for the moment. It’s hard sometimes! I read a book called One Thousand Gifts that really brought this home for me.
    Thanks for sharing your “positives” in what is not your ideal situation.
    We’re only at the point of getting our home ready to sell, so we’ll be playing the waiting game with you soon. (Well, hopefully yours will have sold by that time.)
    And then we’ll see you in Asia… if not BC!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      I will have to check out that book Rebeca. Another great book that I enjoyed that a presume to be along the same lines is “Life is a Verb”.
      I hope you have a quick sale with your house, and we can meet up in Asia!

  3. Justin says:

    Positive is good.

    This is not easy, this changing your life for travel deal. It is hard to sit and wait. No doubt we are right there with you. We all want to travel to live in the moment, but the moment is now and you have quite a bit going for you.

    Thanks for the reminder! And . . .

    May the force be with you!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Thanks Justin! I am in a whole different mind-set then I was in a week ago. I owe it to my darling husband who has lovingly set me straight and refreshed my priorities!

  4. Mack Reynolds says:

    that picture cracks me up. me n my bro have been star wars fans since day one. it’s good to see a new generation of fanboys in the works.

  5. Chris G says:

    Hey – don’t you live in southern BC? They don’t get a real winter! 🙂 Head over here to Toronto – we get Winter! 🙁

    I lived in BC (Duncan & Vancouver) for quite a few years. Most of my family still does. Very nice part of the world to await your adventure in! Toronto? (Mississauga, actually) Not really a great part of the world to await a world trip.

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Yeah, as far as Canadian winters go we do have it lucky, but I still dislike the cold! I don’t think I could survive in a real Canadian winter! 🙂

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