Hiking McIntyre Bluff

We awoke to Mike’s cheerful singing and the aroma of leftover toasting waffles.  Our plan from the night before was to wake up early and beat the heat to attempt the biggest hike we have done as a family to date.  McIntyre Bluff.

McIntyre Bluff in the background

By the crack of 8:30 we had made it to the trail head.  Not as early as we would have liked but if you have kids you know how hard it is to get out of the house on time!  A fit adult should be able to do this hike in about three hours round trip.  We were cautiously optimistic that our boys would be able to complete the hike and were prepared to turn around if it got too hard on them.  But they were with two of their cousins and all of the kids fed off of one anothers energy, playing imaginary games with sticks all the way to the top.

Buzzing bees and chirping crickets played the background music while wild flowers, sage, and pine filled our noses with their sweet aroma.

There weren’t too many steep inclines, the trail was well used and well marked, and there were beautiful views and sweeping meadows to capture our attention as we made the mostly gentle climb.

The hike took us five and a half hours with numerous breaks and a long lunch at the top of the mountain.  The kids were troopers and barely a complaint was uttered from their lips.

And the best part of the day was the views from the top of the bluff…….

What a glorious day in beautiful British Columbia!

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