How High’s the Water Mama?

Canada Day long weekend was going to be our first camping trip in our new motorhome.   Almost all of my immediate side of the family was going and it promised to be an epic weekend.  It was epic alright….

The day before we had planned to leave our motorhome broke down.  I’ll admit that at first I was incredibly stressed (I am really good at stressing out!).  All of my family was going camping and we wouldn’t be able to go!  Then I did what my usual go-to reaction is to stress and I ate (a big bowl of Reeses ice-cream thank you very much!)  Then after feeling terrible for eating so much I began to calm down and put things into perspective, something that I am learning to do with more ease of late.  The lesson I learned with the house not selling when I thought it should helped me to de-stress over the situation.  I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and stressing about it would not change anything.

Since we were going camping with almost all of my extended family, we decided cancelling the trip was not an option.  So we did what anyone who loves to camp would do, we borrowed sleeping mats and packed up the tent!

The whole weekend only contained about eight hours of sunshine.  The rest of the time we were in a downpour.  But for the most part we had a great time.  The rivers in BC have been very high of late, with flood warnings for many areas.  The river we were camping at was indeed quite high and there was some concern that with all the rain the river might flood its banks.  We kept our eyes on the water level but our group felt confident that we were quite safe.  The last night of camping brought with it a torrential downpour.  Kayden and I opted to sleep in my parent’s camper with them while Lan and Mike braved the slightly leaky tent.  We were awoken at 5:30 in the morning with pounding on the camper door and a “You guys had better get out here!”

That’s flowing river water in our campsite!

Looking out the camper window we could see that the river had flooded its banks and had invaded our campsite.  Once we accessed the situation we knew we had to pack up and get out fast.  Our lives weren’t in danger but we ran the risk of getting our vehicles stuck in the wet, sopping ground.  I had a weird sense of excitement, urgency, and downright silliness as I sloshed around the freezing river waters helping to pack up camp.  The situation was so ludicrous most of us were cracking jokes and singing songs….

“How high’s the water mama?  I said it’s two feet high and rising!”

Luckily we staked our tent on a bit of high ground.

After the frenzied packing we booted it out of there.  It was only after the fact, after the adrenaline wore off, that I was able to understand why our motorhome had broken down the day before….it’s a heavy beast with two wheel drive, there is no way we would have been able to drive out of that situation in it!

Yes my friend, everything happens for a reason.  It just takes a while to figure out what the reason is.

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  1. Rebeca says:

    These are the trips that go down in family history. “Remember that time we got flooded out….” Glad it all worked out for you and that you kept your sense of humour. (And yes, spellcheck, I really did want that u in humour, thankyouverymuch.)

    1. worldschooled says:

      This trip will totally go down in family history, just like the Christmas Mike lit the kitchen on fire!

  2. Lisa Wood says:

    Oh wow that is a lot of rain! Lucky you where able to pack up and move on out 🙂

    And yep it will be a family story to tell the grandkids one day! There is always a silver lining for everything.

    1. worldschooled says:

      We were very lucky. A few more house and things might not have turned out so well for us.

  3. Tracy says:

    That is one soggy camp site. I hope you had rain boots with you! Or webbed feet.

    I think it’s wonderful that you could see the positives out of the situation and your plans not going the way they were supposed to. That’s such an important viewpoint to have and something great to show your kids. I come from a long line of ‘it always happens to me, everything goes wrong for me’ people. It’s taken years of work for me to be able to see the silver lining in things

    1. worldschooled says:

      None of us had rain boots! But the other day I bought some and put them in the motorhome just in case!

      I never thought of it like that….showing my kids how to see the best in a bad situation. Thanks for pointing that out Tracy 🙂

  4. Treven says:

    i cant believe i missed such a fun time!!

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