The Dreams of a Six Year Old

Our oldest son Lan is in love with Pandas.  He got a stuffy panda at age three and has been fascinated by the creatures ever since.  That stuffy panda (AKA Kung Fu Panda….KFP for short) comes everywhere with us.  He comes to the grocery store, our homeschool meet ups, the library…..and now he has come with us to Asia.

That is KFP at the top.

We have been learning about Pandas for years now. We watch YouTube videos, read books, and rent movies.  Now that we are in Asia one of the most important dreams for us to fulfill was to see a panda in real life.

Mission Accomplished

I admit I got a little teary in this moment.  Lan was in absolute awe watching the pandas and “introducing” their cousin KFP to them.  How amazing is it that we could fulfill his dreams in our first few days of travel?!

We saw the pandas an amusement park/zoo called Ocean Park here in Hong Kong.  It was a wild place!  The kids were too small for almost all of the rides there but the zoo part made up for that.  The kids had a blast seeing all of the animals, we got to go on a few fun kiddie rides, and the gondola to the second level of the park was completely out of this world!

Ocean Park Gondola

If you are planning on coming to this park I have two very important pieces of advice for you:

  1. Bring your own food.  Actually you have to sneak it in because they won’t let you in if they see it but the food there is SO expensive!
  2. Bring ibuprofen.  I forgot to pack some and I knew I would be in trouble the minute we got there.  There are loud speakers EVERYWHERE blaring out music.  I think they were trying to set an exciting mood but they only succeeded in making my head hurt.

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  1. Renee says:

    How exciting for Lan! Sounds like you might have a future zoologist on your hands there. And I second your recommendation about sneaking in food, no matter what the posted signs say. We started doing that last year at amusement & animal parks in Europe, because the food was always appallingly expensive.

    So glad to hear your trip is on an upswing.

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