Stung By A Jelly Fish

A few days ago we were warned to not go into the ocean as the waters were filled with jelly fish. It was a bit of a bummer but the kids were happy to just play in the sand so we still enjoyed some good beach time. When a young Russian woman came out of the water in obvious pain with jelly fish stings from hip to toe we were very grateful we had been warned.

A few days later we went back to the beach.  We asked the local kite surfing dude what the situation was. He told us he had not heard of any jelly fish stings lately and that the water should be safe for us.  Right on!  Beach time!

The kiddos all ran down, splashing and playing in the shallow ocean water.  I was lounging on a beach chair beside our friends Jenn and Tony, enjoying the sunshine and ocean breeze.  Our lazy lounging was shattered though by an ear piercing scream from my six year old boy.  I immediately dashed from my chair and ran down the beach towards him.  He continued to scream and scream and yell “Jelly Fish!”  Into the ocean I raced and scooped him into my arms while yelling at the rest of the kids to get out of the water.

At the same time I was running towards my son, Jenn was running the opposite direction to get a bottle of vinegar from a convenience store. We met in the middle of the beach and she started to pour the vinegar on the already blistering foot and ankle that Lan was clutching.  Immediately his screams turned to whimpers.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but you can see how it is red and swollen around the ankle.

We laid him on a beach chair.  The kite surfing dude came with a towel to soak in vinegar and wrap around Lan’s foot.  A Thai man came with a cut up lime and instructed us to rub it on the blisters.  Once the whimpering came down to a manageable level I broke out the sugar in the form of ice tea and strawberry Pocky….I know I always feel better after a trauma if I can get my blood sugar up.

We kept his foot wrapped in the vinegar soaked towel for about fifteen minutes.  Lan recovered quickly and was back on the beach building sandcastles and aqueducts with only a slight limp.  By bedtime the blisters and swelling had disappeared and were replaced by a few red marks.

Thank goodness for two fast acting mamas!


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  1. Oliver says:

    We just read this post as a family.

    Oliver says he wishes this didn’t happen to Lan. He feels bad for him.

    Leela says she is sad.

    We’re glad it turned out okay. Love from all of us.

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thank you Oliver and Leela! We miss you!

  2. Jennifer Miller says:

    Aww…. Poor guy!!! It was so horrible to watch him suffer. Glad they had vinegar in stock and that it stopped the pain.

    1. worldschooled says:

      Glad you were so quick to act!

  3. Sonja and Bodhi says:

    Ouch, Lan! What did the jellyfish look like? (Bodhi)

    Was it pink – the jellyfish, I mean, not your foot!( Sonja)

    Now we know what to do if we are ever stung by a jellyfish!

    1. worldschooled says:

      We actually didn’t see the jelly fish! Lan knew what it was right away from our experience a few days before of seeing the Russian girl get stung! As soon as I saw the blisters on Lan I knew that it was a jelly fish too.

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