The Snorkel Trip We Almost Didn’t Do

We almost didn’t take this trip today.  The Millers were going snorkelling and invited us along.  Mike and I hummed and hawed.  Our boys have never snorkelled before.  Kayden learned to swim on this trip and Lan, the most stubborn boy I know, still refuses to put his head under water.  I have problems with my ears and I get earaches after about ten minutes of snorkelling.  I most definitely can not dive down without ear pain.  We didn’t have our own equipment and we were worried that it would be four hours of whining…not something we wanted to spend our money on.

Since I am writing this post you already know that we decided to go on the trip.  My friend Eryn doesn’t know it but I have kept her words in the back of my mind this whole trip.  Before we left I wrote a post about all of the things I was afraid of.  She wrote me back privately and asked “What if your trip is more than you ever could have imagined?”  And that is what I reminded myself of.  The worst thing that could happen was four hours of whining but what was the best thing?  What if we had an an amazing time?

So we got off our lazy butts and did just that.  We had an AMAZING time!

Our boat.

The day started off bright and early which is a stretch for our family.  Getting the kids up, fed, packed, and to the beach by 8am was no small feat.

With fishing lines in the water we slowly made our way out to sea.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in the stars for us to catch a giant barracuda, but we had fun trying.

Our final destination was a small island not far from the coast line.

The whole group lobbied hard for Lan to try to put a mask on and put his face in the water but our attempts were in vain.  When he decides not to do something it doesn’t matter what we say to try to convince him!  Of course with a little bit of under my breath mumbling I respected his choice.  He had a great time swimming around the water and checking out the fish from the boat.  The Millers kept on diving down and bringing up ocean treasures for Lan to examine which really helped to make the experience special for him.

Now my youngest son, Kayden, I am quite sure is part fish.  He started to swim this trip and has been in the water almost every day since.  He put on his mask and snorkel and jumped in like he had been doing it all of his life!

Although much of the coral in the area was dead we were still able to see a ton of colourful fish!

And look what we saw!  Cuttlefish!  There were four of them and they were huge!  Under the water they looked like their outside frill glowed blue.  They were so incredibly beautiful to watch.

We went back to the boat for a break and told our boat drivers that we had four giant cuttlefish.  Next thing we knew one of them was stripping down to his undies and was swimming off with a hooked pole.  Within ten minutes he had killed and brought two of the four back to the boat.  I felt a bit bad that we had told them.  One minute we are experiencing something beautiful and the next minute that beautiful creature is lying dead in the bottom of our boat.  I know this makes me a total hypocrite though since although we don’t eat much meat, we are not vegetarians.

Four hours of adventures, a boat ride, swimming, and snorkelling and not a moment of whining.  I think we were underestimating our children!

And of course us parents had some fun too….

Many thanks to our friend Tony Miller for taking and sharing many of these photos!

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  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    It was one of those perfect days that will live in our memories for a lifetime!! So excited to see our first cuttlefish with you!

  2. Rebeca says:

    So fun! Nai Yang is where I first snorkeled. :>

  3. Tiffany Fite says:

    What an incredible day – good for you for getting out there and going for it! The colors are so vibrant.

    I love what you said: “I think we were underestimating our children!” That’s been one of our goals this year is to minimize how much we (my husband and I) try to control or anticipate everything related to the kids. Time and again they have proven to step beyond what our expectations would have been. It’s so hard though – and it’s these type of examples that keep us going.

    Thanks for sharing Amy!

  4. Shelly says:

    SO happy you went! Feeling a little envious as the snow melts and turns to slush 🙁
    I have never seen a sea urchin with flat sides – very cool. Keep the posts coming.

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