Sun, Sand, and Smiles on Koh Jum

Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, playing games, building sandcastles, eating, napping…..rinse and repeat.

One week of complete relaxation on an island where there is really not much else to do.  Ahhhhh.



We needed a rest from traveling.  Our children were getting to the point where every time we left our accommodation for the day they would whine and cry and say, “Why can’t we just stay home?”

We have been doing so much for so long that our down days were few and far between.  Koh Jum was the perfect antidote for our tired travellers. The island does not have much more to offer than a scattering of bungalows; from super cheap grass huts to luxury self contained houses.  We settled for a mid-range option.



We got into a routine of waking up in the morning, fixing ourselves a self-catered breakfast and walking the 100 feet from our bungalow to the beach.  The children perfected their snorkelling while the tide was high, we strolled the beach collecting seashells, and we lounged in the shade until lunch time.  After lunch at the restaurant we retired to our room where we avoided the hot afternoon sun. The boys would play Lego, or watch movies, or play a game. Dinner came early, we would watch the sun go down and the stars come out. We would play tag on the beach in the dark.  Then bedtime.

It was bliss.


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  1. Eryn says:

    Looks and sounds amazing!!! So great you were able to fill up everyone’s cup!


  2. Lisa Wood says:

    Oh I so need an island like that!! Time out, chilling doing nothing…oh that sounds like a fantastic idea – and yeah I get how your kids had enough. Today our boys wanted to stay home, instead of going out n exploring….
    This weekend I am spending time with family (taking one of my boys) and I can’t wait for some much needed R & R.
    The water at Koh Jum looks incredible.

  3. Gabi @The Nomadic Family says:

    looks marvelous! welcome to my life! i love those times when we don’t move or do anything but be. love those times dearly. thanks for reminding me. Gabi

  1. The World Is Our Teacher | Worldschool Adventures says:

    […] We marveled at the beauty of a simple seashell. […]

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