Falling In Love With Bali

Truth be told, Bali was not even on our radar when we started our six month jaunt in South East Asia.

When we were researching where we would like to spend our last month of travels before we head home for the summer, our goal was to find somewhere where we could relax, slow down, and recharge.  I realize how strange that might seem…needing to recharge after five months of travel…but it is true.  As amazing as our travels have been there has also been a lot of work and stress in touring Asia with little kids.

We thought about heading to Malaysia and we considered extending our visas to stay another month in Thailand but neither of those options screamed yes to our souls.  For some reason Bali kept whispering to my heart but every time I checked out what the airfare would be, Bali became an impossibility.  As time ticked on I began to get more and more stressed out over our inability to make a decision and the fact that nothing was calling to us.

With so many airlines in this part of the world flights are readily available to different destinations.  Although I had previously checked flights to Bali numerous times before, I decided to check out the prices of flights using different departure cities. I tried every major city within South East Asia and finally, with only two weeks left to make our decision, I  found cheap flights to Bali from Kuala Lumpur.

As soon as the tickets were bought I felt an immediate sense of relief.  Bali for a month?  The perfect ending to our six months away.

Bali has not disappointed us, although I have to admit we have hardly explored any of it.  We have stationed ourselves in Ubud and pretty much have not left.  There is something about the energy here that is restorative.  It feels good to be here.

More shades of green than you ever knew was possible!

More shades of green than you ever knew was possible!

There are statues everywhere!

There are statues everywhere!

The food culture is absolutely amazing.  Most of the things we have missed from home like good cheese and whole grain bread are readily available.  There are so many restaurants catering to the health conscious traveler including raw food and vegan restaurants.  My husband, who does not eat dairy, has been mowing down on the most amazing vegan deserts and ice cream.  They serve real salads here, not just some chopped cabbage and grated carrot with mayonnaise on top like we got in Thailand!

Mashed potatoes with coconut crusted tofu.

Mashed potatoes with coconut crusted tofu.

Raw Pizza.

The boys have been taking ceramic classes, Mike is taking a course on raw chocolate, we attended a tea ceremony where we learned about the “chi” of tea, and the opportunity for learning goes on and on with yoga, kung fu, Qi Gong, cooking classes, raw food classes, meditation and breathing classes, art classes…

A tea ceremony.

A tea ceremony.

Ceramics class.

Ceramics class.

Art is literally everywhere we look.  Statues and shrines, art galleries, offerings, temples, we see beauty everywhere.  The Balinese people are some of the most genuinely friendly and happy people we have ever met.  The terraced rice fields are simply stunning.  The Hindu culture on Bali is full of ceremony, offerings, and celebration.  It is an amazing place to be.

Offerings left daily in and around our house.

I took this picture of our host's sister-in-law while I was sitting in our outdoor living room

I took this picture of our host’s sister-in-law while I was sitting in our outdoor living room

DSCN7329 DSCN7293

For the first time in our trip we find ourselves thinking, “We could live here.”

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  1. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family says:

    I went to Bali as a solo traveller but all you folks over there are making me want to head back with my family now. It sounds like heaven.

  2. Living Outside of the Box says:

    Ooooh…I’m drooling…over EVERYTHING! Can’t you just extend another month so we can do these awesome things WITH you??!! Oh wait…then we’d be out of a house. Dang. And you have a “life” at home…heee…j/k.

    That’s so cool you’re loving it! Can’t wait to experience it, too!

  3. Lorena - A Life Type says:

    Sounds like a great place to be with kids. You are doing lots of activities in such short time!

  4. Monico says:

    Ubud is definitely the ideal place to spend a month or more in Bali. There is so many things you can do and learn there: art courses, yoga, cooking classes, herbal walks, bird watching etc.

    Luckily you managed to add Bali to your 6 month trip. It would have been a shame to miss it. It’s not a surprise that you mentioned that you can live there, many people go there and end up never leaving…

  5. Busy Mommy DXB says:

    I have always loved the concept of unschooling and would love to do it. I’m so envious reading this blog, hopefully one day we’ll finally do it.

    We are planning a trip to Bali/Singapore this summer and can’t wait to see some of the things mentioned on your blog. I am especially looking forward to greenery and healthy, fresh, local food…both of which are not easy to come by in Dubai! 😀

    I wanted to take the kids to the monkey park, but don’t want to deal with rabies shots! 🙁

    1. worldschooled says:

      Yup, skip the monkey park or at least be super careful if you decide to go!

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