Motorbike Accidents and Monkey Bites

We have had a bit of bad luck in the last week….

First we had a motorbike accident.  We were coming down a one way road when a car that was parked on the left hand side pulled out and didn’t see us.  Mike saw the car coming but didn’t have time to react, I didn’t see it until the front right bumper hit my left knee.


My immediate reaction was to make sure everyone else was OK.  Kayden started screaming and crying.  I kept asking him what was hurting but he couldn’t talk through all the crying.  Here I am sitting on the side of the road with a screaming five year old in my arms. The Balinese people are coming out of their shops in droves to make sure we are OK.  One man ran to get ice for us.

Meanwhile the driver of the car is telling Mike that we were speeding (we weren’t) and saying, “You broke my car!”

My knee had, in fact, collided with his bumper at just the right angle to pop off the clips that attach the bumper to the fender.

Mike was losing his cool by this time and retorts, “You broke my family!”

The driver then got into his car and took off!  We learned later that if the police had shown up they almost always side with the tourists so that they don’t have to deal with foreign consulates.

I finally got Kayden to calm down…He was fine.  His foot hurt a bit  but most of the screaming was because the accident was scary!  After I knew Kayden was OK I started to realize I was in pain.  I mean, my knee took off a car bumper!  I then also noticed that my toenail was bloody, my big toe nail had been pulled back a bit.  Then my left hip began to hurt from having my leg pushed so hard.  The adrenaline and my mommy instincts had kept the pain at bay until I knew everyone else was uninjured!

Luckily I was only in pain for that one day.  I spent the rest of our day laying down and having Mike fetch things for me.  By the next day I was doing fine.  We were really lucky that no one suffered any major injuries.

We have been reflecting a lot on how easy accidents can happen and how fragile life is.   In a blink of an eye everything can change.


Our next bit of bad luck happened when we decided to visit Monkey Forest here in Ubud, Bali.  We had avoided going to Monkey Forest because of an incident I had with a grandpa monkey nine years ago where he jumped up on me to steal a bag of chips.  But against our better judgement, we decided to go to Monkey Forest to see the temples. We did not bring any food and we warned the boys about the monkeys and held their hands the whole time.


We had been there about ten minutes, walking through the Indiana Jones like setting, carefully avoiding the monkeys and shaking our heads at the tourists who were feeding the monkeys bananas.  We came around a corner and there was this cute little baby monkey.  Mike got closer to take a picture.  The baby monkey cried out and jumped up a tree and then mama monkey jumped out of the tree to teach Mike a lesson for scaring her baby.  She bit him on his arm, drawing blood.

We left Monkey Forest immediately after that, and Mike made his way to a clinic to get the first of three rabies shots.  Number two he will get in Malaysia, and the last he will get back in Canada.


If you are going to go to Monkey Forest in Ubud, I suggest you..um…don’t!

Hopefully our bad luck has run its course and we will have only fond memories for our last two weeks of travel.  We only have a few more weeks until we fly home to Canada!


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  1. Heidi says:

    Thank goodness you are all okay! We are counting down to your arrival home…:)

  2. Lisa Wood says:

    So glad you all are ok and the Motorbike/Car accident was not any worse.

    That is one scary monkey accident – but all will be ok – it will be xxx

  1. Ubud’s Monkey Forest | Living Outside of the Box says:

    […] And don’t even consider fighting back or coming between a mama and her baby (if you do, you may receive a monkey bite like our friend, and end up at the clinic to get rabies […]

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