Who Wants to Go to Legoland, Malaysia?

I do, I do!

When we told our children we might be able to fit Legoland, Malaysia into the tail-end of our trip they were over-the-moon excited.  Now I am not talking, “Yah! That would be cool.” excited. I’m talking jump up and down, hugs all around, tears of joy excited.  Seriously.  Tears of joy!

You see we have two Lego-maniacs on our hands.

Back at home we have A LOT of Lego and our kids play with it pretty much every day for hours at a time.  On this trip the boys have to carry their own toys in their back pack.  Their sacs of Lego are by far the biggest item in their bags and it is what gets played with most.

After their reaction to the news that we might go to Legoland, we knew we had to make it happen.  So we did.


Legoland Malaysia is located outside of Johor Bahru, a big city right on the border to Singapore.  It is actually much easier to get to from Singapore (you could do it in a day trip) but we already had flights booked into and out of Kuala Lumpur.

Buses from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru are frequent but at the last minute we decided to rent a car and make it a road trip instead.  It took us about five hours of freeway driving including a stop for lunch.  The roads are excellent, and Malaysian drivers seem to follow typical road rules much better than their Asian neighbours!

We left our hotel in Johor Bahru in plenty of time for Legoland’s 10am opening but let’s just say my husband did not marry me for my excellent navigation skills.  We got lost.  Twice.  In my defence the highways twist like spaghetti and once you make a wrong turn it is a long time before you can turn around!

Once we finally got to Legoland we put the stress of getting lost behind us and let the excitement begin!  We spent the next eight hours at this 76 acre theme park.  It definitely lived up to expectations for the kids, they had an absolute blast!

I’ve asked the boys what their favourite parts of Legoland were.

This is what they said:

The Rides


Driving school!  The kids got to drive lego cars on a miniature driving course.  Once they completed the course they got their own Lego driver’s licences!  Kayden asked me once he got his licence, “Does this mean I get to drive a real car now?”

DSCN7924One of the favourite rides was an Indiana Jones type ride called Land of Adventure.  We rode through the twisted tunnels where we shot laser guns at mummies and skeletons!

DSCN7977There were three kid friendly roller coasters in Legoland.  This was the first time our boys have ever been on one.  We started with the least intimidating one and continued on to the biggest.  After being quite nervous at first they started to become little adrenaline junkies!

DSCN8000What little boy or girl wouldn’t love a turn at jousting?  Well, not real jousting but this single track slow ride through medieval times at Lego Kingdoms was a definite hit!





Miniland was truly amazing!  Replicas of the worlds most famous buildings and cities all made with Lego! You really have to see it to believe it, I just can’t imagine the time it would take to build these!  Legoland has over 50 million Lego bricks inside the park and over 30 million of them are used in Miniland!

Building Lego


What would Legoland be without the opportunity to play Lego?  There were quite a few places within the park where kids get to try their hands at making their own Lego creations.  These were some of my favourite spots because they were in air-conditioned buildings.  It’s hot here!


DSCN7968Legoland is running a promotion right now where if you buy a kids meal at one of the restaurants you get a coupon for a build your own figurine station!  We got to pick through bins full of Lego parts to build our very own mini-figurines and they were ours to keep.  Another cool aspect of this promotion is that if you see a staff member wearing a mini-figurine that you like (they wear a bunch of them on their vests) then you can trade with them!

Legoland Malaysia is a really fun place to come if you have young kids who like Lego.  What I especially loved about it was that it was geared to younger children.  There was only one ride in the whole park that our children where too short to go on, there was tonnes of interaction type rides (40 in total!), a bunch of different playgrounds, and of course everything was Lego!



After our eight hours of fun we were completely exhausted and ready to head back to our hotel.  Remember how I told you we got lost and a bit frustrated on our way to Legoland?  Well, in our frustration Mike forgot to turn off the headlights to our car.  The battery? Completely dead.  Luckily for us we had another run-in with the kindness of strangers and a family stopped to help our stranded, exhausted selves.  Then, once we finally started to make our way back to our hotel, can you guess what we did?  We got lost again!  Um….twice!  If you are driving to Legoland, bring someone with a good sense of direction or better yet, a GPS!

Thank you to Legoland, Malaysia for generously hosting our family.  We had an amazing time and it was an exiting grand finale to our six months in Asia!  We would also like to thank the Legoland staff in parking lot A2 who went over and above the call of duty in helping us find someone to boost our battery and staying to help us until we were mobile again.



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