Plan? There Is No Plan.

We thought we had a plan for this year….that was before our world got turned upside down with our housing issues.  You may remember that we were renovating a home on my parents property when we got shut down.  We are still fighting for the right to live in our own home and I am starting to worry that we might not get to.  The deal now is we need to be here until at least the end of November in order to attend a public hearing and that is if everything goes well!

We are trying our hardest not only stay optimistic in a ridiculous and unfair situation but also to trust that the universe knows what it is doing.  Trusting in the universe has helped me through difficult situations in the past and in those situations everything turned out in the end.  Could it be that for some reason the universe has different plans for us?

So, for now, we have no plan for our travels.  We don’t know when we will travel this year, if we can travel this year, or where we will go when we do.  It is very hard for me to live with uncertainty…I’m a planner.

We are still living in our motorhome.  It is starting to get cold and slightly uncomfortable but we will stay in it as long as we can.  My community has pulled through for us and we have a three week house sit for friends in November and an offer from another friend to move into her basement suite.  We are getting lots of love and support and for that we are grateful.


As far as destinations we are thinking of, Bali is calling to our hearts.  We would LOVE to spend six months there…rent a house, put down some roots, hang with the very cool families we know who live there, and take the time to follow some of our passions…..time that we thought we would have on our last trip but we didn’t end up manifesting.  However, as far as our bank account dictates, Bali is really out of our league financially this year.  It costs so much to get over to Asia from North America, not to mention the cost of getting a social visa.  So if our bank account gets its way we might just drive our motorhome down to the desert in Arizona and eat a lot of beans.  Both options have their merit.  Or we might do neither option.  Maybe an opportunity will get thrown at us that we just can’t pass up.

There you have it.  Our plans… or our un-plans…

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  1. Living Outside of the Box says:

    Unschooling…unplanning…why not?!!! Haha! Yes, the Universe has a way of giving us what is right, not necessarily what we want, WHEN we want it!! It will all work out! In the meantime, I know a cool family just south of you about a day or two drive 😉

  2. Paola says:

    Sending you good vibes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kirsty says:

    Argh sorry to hear of the problems you are facing. Hoping hard that it works out for the best for you all and you can soon look back and know that the universe *was* looking out for you!!

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