We Have A Home

Eight months of fighting.  Eight months of uncertainty.  Eight months without a clear direction.  Eight months of stress and anxiety.

Our fight is now over.  After throwing a ridiculous amount of time and money at our housing problem the powers that be have approved our rezoning application on our property and our little 732 sq ft house is now considered “legal”.  There is joy, relief, and celebration in our corner of the world today!


What does this mean for us?  It means we can continue on the renovation we started on our little house almost two years ago.  It means our original goal of creating a home base for our family is going to happen!  It means we will be able to live in community on our property with my parents, farming in the summer months and traveling over the winter.  And in the future, I hope it means inviting another family into our intentional community. (Just putting that out there to see what the universe unveils for us!)

What does this mean for our travel plans?  Well, we have decided that for this winter it is more important for us to get into our house than it is to travel.  We won’t be able to do both this year and we feel that having our home base ready is more important right now.  We plan on working our butts off to get into our home which should take between two and three more months of work as we are doing all of the work ourselves.  Once we are in the home we will be working hard to save up our funds for travel next winter.

How are we feeling?  Although the situation we found ourselves in this year was a bureaucratic, ridiculous mess that threw us for a loop I do feel that because we had to fight so hard for our unique living situation we now appreciate it all the more.  It didn’t come easy for us, we had to dig deep, and through that trial it made us realize how badly we wanted it.  We are joyful, grateful, and relieved.  We finally have direction again.

Big Thanks.  Big thanks to our community who have supported us throughout this turbulent time, offered us places to live, let us housesit for them, listened to our stresses and complaints, and given us words of encouragements.  Hugemongous thanks to my parents who have let us turn their home upside down for us to have a place to lay our heads once it got too cold to live on our motorhome.  We are grateful.

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  1. Josee says:

    We’re thrilled that things worked in the end 🙂 Let us know if we can help with anything. We can’t wait for the housewarming party!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Josee! It will be one heck of a party!!!!

  2. Melanie Murrish says:

    That is fabulous news-and the best Christmas present ever!

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