I Could Get Used To This!!!!

We have been traveling with two other families in Thailand for close to three weeks now.  Our first weeks were jam-packed!  We explored Bangkok, toured the sights in Chiang Mai, rented a van for an epic road trip down the length of Thailand, rode bikes around the ruins in Sukothai, hung out in Prachuap Khiri Khan, and then headed farther south to the beach.

When we were in Prachuap we were unsure of our next destination. We had a few different beach spots in mind but were finding it really hard to find accommodation that would fit all three families as it is high season here.  So what we did instead was do an internet search on accommodation and decided that the accommodation would dictate where we would go, not the destination.  So it was that we found the most beautiful villa for our families on the island of Phuket!



Our villa has three large bedrooms each with a king sized bed.  Two bedrooms are on either side of the living space and the third is in its own self contained structure.  This has given each family its own private oasis where we can retreat to when we need some alone time.  The living space is pretty huge with a large couch that fits all the kiddos for movie nights.  The kitchen is large enough for all the adults to help contribute to meal time.  There is a great outdoor eating area too, although we have not used it much as the ants tend to take over!  The pool is lovely and refreshing.  Yes, this is about the most luxurious place I have ever lived in.

DSCN2899 DSCN2896 DSCN2894

We would never have been able to afford staying here on our own as the price tag rounds out to $150 per night.  When split between three families though, the price becomes affordable.

I must say it has been pretty darn sweet living in this beautiful villa with our friends.  Our kids are oh so happy, as are the adults. Having a space for the adults to gather to talk and play games once the kids have gone to bed has made our time here seem like an endless party.  I am also thoroughly enjoying having a kitchen again, as I have really felt the need to have a break from eating all our meals in restaurants.

DSCN2895 DSCN2900

The greatest part for me has been the feeling of living in community.  We have created something really special with our friends.  We have settled into a rhythm where we all contribute to the running of the house and the taking care of the children.  Living together has brought us closer as friends and has made us more like extended family.  We are building community and it is awesome.

Yes. I could get used to this.

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  1. Josee says:

    Yes, I feel like we’ve been rather spoiled staying at this great place with wonderful friends 🙂

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