The Coolest Park In Vegas

It looks to us like the city’s gambling revenue in Las Vegas is hard at work in funding some amazing parks!  Our eyes were alight with excitement when we explored playground after playground after playground all situated within the manicured (although brown) park boundaries of Craig Ranch Park in North Las Vegas.

Each playground had a different theme and we came up with our own names for them.

Here we have Ewok Village

IMG_20151219_111324 IMG_20151219_111351


Rattlesnake Ride


Alice In Wonderland


Spiderweb City


IMG_20151219_114441 IMG_20151219_112751

Slide Hill



The Great Gecko


The coolest park we had ever been to before was one we found in our wanderings in Hong Kong. This one now takes the cake.

There were numerous other playgrounds in Craig Ranch Park that were more your normal run-of-the-mill types that we didn’t take pictures of.  All of the playgrounds had rubber flooring for soft landings as well as beautiful shade clothes overhead so kids could still play in the hot summer months.

Such a great find!



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