Wetlands in Las Vegas?

We are all about taking advantage of learning opportunities when we travel. We like to go to museums, science centres, interpretive centres and art galleries.  We like to go to them even more when they are free so after a brief internet search on “Things to Do in Vegas with Kids” we thought we would check out the Clark County Wetland Preserve.  We were pretty impressed with what we found!


The Wetlands Preserve in Las Vegas is exactly what it is named for, it is a preserved wetlands.  Hard to believe there could be a marsh in Las Vegas!  The folks at the Preserve are doing some amazing things with habitat restoration and environmental education.  The interpretive centre, staffed with the most friendly volunteers, is a state of the art facility full of interactive displays for kids and adults alike.  We learned all about the negative impacts big city Las Vegas is having on the local environment (hello habitat encroachment, urban run off, coal fired plants, and pollution!)

DSCN3731 DSCN3732

All of the displays were hands on.  We built our own habitats on a video game, peered into what nests look like, played a “what’s that smell game” and found out that beavers and coyotes stink, matched up mothers to eggs, and dozens of other games and explorations.

DSCN3735 DSCN3734 DSCN3733

What floored me most was that this exhibit was totally free. What a great resource for the people of Las Vegas and those of us lucky enough to find this little gem!

After our hours in the interpretive centre we filled our pockets with snacks as we had now officially skipped lunch and went for a leisurely walk through the wetlands. The park has numerous, well maintained, wide trails some of which are gravel and some of them paved.  Apparently there is even a trail from the Wetlands Preserve all the way to Lake Mead. Too bad we didn’t have bikes with us!

DSCN3738 DSCN3736

If you find yourself in Vegas the Clark County Wetlands Preserve is well worth the trip!

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  1. Christine Brown says:

    Hi guys, you look like you’re having a lot of fun and learning new things. Las Vegas does seem to offer a bunch more than just gambling. Wish we were there with you. Life does throw you curve balls so you never know. It has been snowing buckets here. It has abated these last few days and the weather is milder…. makes us feel like we’re in Vegas…lol. Enjoying the synopses of your events….keep them coming Amy, they are informative and entertaining. Love you all!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thank you Cindy. xo

  2. Josée says:

    Those are some big birds you’ve there! Looks like your boys are having fun. We’re missing you guys. My kiddos keep on asking to visit you and can’t quite understand that you’re gone. Missing you <3

  3. Jessica says:

    I always say I want to “worldschool” not just “home” school, so I went internet searching and found your page! You happen to be in Vegas right now and that’s where we live! I had no idea about these preserves and a few other places you posted, so thank you very much! Looking forward to exploring the lands around us and following your adventures as well!

    1. worldschooled says:

      That makes me so happy! Enjoy the new discoveries!

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