514 VW Vans at Buses By The Bridge

As we were leaving Valley Of Fire we stopped to talk to the owners of some other VW Vans. This isn’t unusual for us. When you own a Volkswagen Van you become part of a not-so-secret club of van lovers.  We smile, wave, and honk when we drive by each other and we stop to chat it up when we are parked.  So it was that we found out about BBB.

Them, “Hey man, are you going to BBB?”

Us, “Um what is BBB?” Thoughts of Bed and Breakfasts and why on earth would we go to one swirling in our heads.

Them, “Awe man, you’re kidding?” Turning to their friends they exclaim,  “Hey guys! They don’t know what BBB is!!!”

They explain, “It is Buses By the Bridge, a yearly camp out for VW Vans in Lake Havasu. You HAVE to go!”

And so it was that we found ourselves heading south to Lake Havasu to take part in the Buses By The Bridge campout.  Imagine an empty field on the shores of a lake filled with 514 camping singles, couples, and families and everyone is camped out in a Volkswagen Van!

There were all manner of vans at BBB. From gorgeously restored 21 windows (worth about $100,000 US!), to beautiful old split windows, to the newer Vanagons, to Syncros that had us drooling. (If I am speaking gibberish to you it’s OK, just know there were lots of cool vans.)

We spent the weekend drooling over the extraordinary amount of coolness, chatting all things VW with other enthusiasts, and getting some great ideas on storage solutions for our own van.

DSCN3937 DSCN3938 DSCN3940 DSCN3941 DSCN3944 DSCN3946 DSCN3948 DSCN3949 DSCN3950 DSCN3951 DSCN3953 DSCN3954 DSCN3955 DSCN3957 DSCN3958 DSCN3959 DSCN3961 DSCN3962 DSCN3968 IMG_9098

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