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  1. Matayo says:

    I love when your posts line up with what’s going on in my life. I’m homeschooling my boys (4 and 5 yeas) and trynig to work. I used to freelance write, and sometimes still do, but find it hard to concentrate on writing something good with these boys constantly interrupting me. I think it will get better as they get older, and already they are spending more time playing/learning independently or with each other.And I have changed what I do. Now I do social media for a non profit. Is it as rewarding as writing? No. But, I can do it at the same time as talking to my kids. Or at gymnastics. Or at the park. I don’t need an hour of silence. And I’m making money.I wonder if there is something out there even better for me, but for now, this is working.

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