A Secret Hot Springs in the Desert

Camped outside of the tiny town of Wikieup, Arizona, our mission was to explore the local mining area in search of yet more rocks.  What we didn’t expect was to find a hot springs all to ourselves!

As with most of the adventures we have had on this American road trip, our knowledge of places stem not from any good research on our part but on the advice and recommendations of others.  We were told by some snowbirds about this out-of -the-way hot springs and of course we had to try to find it ourselves.

The hot springs is called Kaiser Hot Springs.  We googled it on our phones and found that someone had written about it and gave a GPS location.  We were then able to get a topical view of the area on google and then back track the dirt road to the highway in order to find our way in. (I’ll post directions for you intrepid travellers at the bottom of the post).


The road in was sometimes decent and sometimes grinding. I would recommend a four wheel drive vehicle if you are attempting this road.  We drove in as far as we could before the road got too hairy for our liking and then we walked in the rest of the way through a canyon wash.  The hike in was not strenuous and took us about a half hour with stunning scenery along the way.

DSCN4129 DSCN4132 DSCN4135

We were rewarded for our efforts with the small pool of Kaiser Hot Springs all to ourselves.  The water was bathtub warm which was perfect for the warm (but not hot!) spring day.

DSCN4140 DSCN4151

Our one mistake of the day was not packing a lunch. We could have stayed much,much longer if it weren’t for the growling of our bellies.

Kaiser Hot Springs is between Wikieup and Burrow Creek State Park.  Heading South from Wikieup the turn off is between Signal Road and the large bridge that spans the canyon. The turn off is unmarked and easy to miss. Slow down once you see the bridge and it is on the right side about 100 meters before the bridge.  Once on the road stay to the right at the first Y and follow the road around the knoll and then towards the canyon.  When you can’t go any farther continue on foot in the canyon bottom and you will reach it after about a mile of walking.

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