A Peek Inside Our Van

I always love, love, love to read posts that share pictures inside traveller’s accommodation. It is with that thought in mind that I share a little peek inside our home on wheels.  I didn’t clean up before I took these pictures but we are all friends here right?  Besides, it is good to see the chaos that ensues when four people are living in such a tiny space!


Here we have the master bedroom. Hehehe.  This bench seat folds into a bed with our clothes cupboards adjacent.


This is the view from the master bedroom.  Kitchen on the left, toilet on the right.  In the kitchen we have a small fridge, three burner stove, a sink, and storage for dishes.



DSCN4161 DSCN4160

Here we have another view of our luxurious bathroom.  There is no privacy in a van!


This is the view going to the second floor.  Yes, our van has two storeys!  The plywood you see is the platform for the kids bed.  When we are not sleeping that is pushed back to provide more head room. They access the bed by climbing up on the kitchen counter and climbing into the bed.


Geez, I could have at least made the bed before I had guests over! This is a view of the kids’ bed. There is not much head room up there but it is just fine for sleeping.


Here is our storage space that lies above the front seats.  It holds most of our gear and dried food.


Seems so luxurious doesn’t it?

Camping in a van with four people for extended periods of time is a wee bit tough.  We really don’t have a lot of space to put our things.  When we stock up on groceries it feels like we are literally bursting at the seams.  The hardest times are morning and bed time when we are all in the van trying to get ready. We need to take turns while the other people find a corner to sit in.  And of course we don’t have a shower which means we get a bit stinky sometimes.

Despite these small hardships van life is otherwise great.  It is cheap on fuel and we can park it anywhere. We can go places that the bigger rigs cannot go.  Even though we have to fill up on water and empty our porta-potty often it is still much more economical than filling and dumping a motorhome.  The solar panel we installed on the roof top takes care of all of our electricity needs so we never need to plug in.

If we were to do another road trip in this van we would figure out some better storage solutions and possibly a rooftop solar shower.


Van life, how sweet it is!

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  1. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family says:

    I must have missed something because I had no idea you guys were doing this! So cool! I was just watching a documentary the other day about a family doing something in a similar van. How long have you been going and where have you been?

    1. worldschooled says:

      Just been traveling around the States. Arizona, Nevada, California.

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