Beautiful Utah

We had a hard time deciding which way we would go once we started to head North. We REALLY wanted to take the kids to the Red Wood Forests but the weather forecast for Northern California and Oregon called for extreme weather so mother nature made up our minds for us and we headed home through Utah!

We had never been to Utah before and did not know what to expect.  We were not disappointed.  Utah felt clean and crisp after the dust of the desert for the last few months.  Our first stop was Zion National Park.

We were so happy we came here early in the season as we learned that in the summer this park sees 5000 vehicle loads of tourists per day.  While the park was still touristed when we were there, we were allowed to drive our own vehicle in as the shuttles were not yet running (after mid-march you cannot drive in the park and must take the shuttle).  The campground at the park entrance was only 1/4 full.  A relief after our experience in Joshua Tree.  But the weather was just fine and the signs of spring were starting to emerge.

We were blown away by the landscape at Zion. Towering red cliffs on all sides marked with misty waterfalls and excellent hiking trails.  Simply gorgeous.


After a few days of hiking and exploring we were ready to move on from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park, a few hours drive North.  The drive up to Bryce was stunning.  Seriously Utah, you are beautiful!


We did not stay long at Bryce. There was snow on the ground and we were starting to get itchy feet to head home. We spent an afternoon exploring the beauty of the canyon before starting the long trek home.


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