The Night Before Take Off

Tomorrow we fly to London.

I wonder if it ever gets easier. This traveling the world thing. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we set off on another great adventure, I am always completely stressed out with high anxiety before each and every trip. On our very first international trip with children, I had an anxiety attack on our first night in Hong Kong. Ugh. Traveling can be hard.

There always seems to be those last minute unexpected circumstance.  We have had ear infections, sprained ankles, the flu, and strange rashes 24 hours before departures. This time around one of our sons woke up with a mild grade fever and a sore throat. Here is to hoping he gets better by tomorrow and the rest of us fail to catch the evil germs.

We are now tucked away in our hotel room for the night, eating our reality of staying on budget for three months in Europe. What does that mean? It means a pre-hotel stop at a grocery store to purchase frozen dinners and an easy breakfast. Spending $60 on a meal out is not in our forecast if we can help it. On the up side, our frozen curries weren’t all too bad and the kids have had their first introduction to Pizza Pops. Errrr. Maybe that is not a good thing.

Our frozen meals lacked cutlery. But don’t worry, we got creative. An empty creamer container doubled as a spoon and the coffee stir sticks became our chopsticks. And I will tell you there is a sensual pleasure to eating a microwaved meal out of a plastic container with your fingers.

When I tell people we are spending the next three months in Europe I feel silly. It’s like I need to explain that we aren’t actually rich but have really low expenses at home, have the ability to work online to make money while we travel, and we are careful on how we spend our money on the road. Like eating microwaved dinners in our hotel rooms using the coffee stir sticks as utensils. Glamourous.

stir stick

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  1. Paola says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!! You are so inspiring!! I hear you with the panic attacks, i get the same!! And using coffee sticks as utensils! Think of the creative/resourceful/adapting skills your kids are learning!! Amazing!!

  2. Shelly says:

    Happy trails cous’

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