Playing Minotaurs in Labyrinth Park, Barcelona

Parc del Laberint d’Horta is now our favorite park in Barcelona. Well…we’ve only been to two parks so far but this park is well worth the small effort it takes to get to it. The park is outside of the main city but it was totally easy for us to take the #45 bus to the bus stop closest to the entrance and then walk the rest of the way. You can also take the metro, but for where we are staying in our Airbnb, it was easier to take the bus.

The kids (and adults!) were pretty darn excited to check out a real labyrinth and we were not disappointed. The park is actually the former estate of the Desvalls family, who must have been pretty loaded. The cost to enter was 7.10 Euros for our family. Well worth the price!



The entrance starts at the mansion which now stands in a state of disrepair but with immaculate gardens. Unfortunately, this part was not open for exploration.




And the main attraction is, of course, the labyrinth! The boys played quite a few games of minotaur tag in there. The maze is harder than it looks. I was pretty pleased with myself when I found the exit within a few minutes…until I realized that somehow I had made my way back to where I had started instead!

IMG_0577 IMG_0568 IMG_0578


Beautiful statues, fountains, and buildings dot the park and everywhere we looked was another picture worthy scene. Being that this is our first time traveling in Europe, all these gorgeous statues amaze us!


At the edge of the park is a great place to view the city of Barcelona!


Look at those happy faces! This is definitely one of the attractions we will be coming back to explore in our month-long stay in Barcelona.


  • Take the bus or the train to get here. Easy peasy.
  • Pack a lunch. There is a kiosk outside the park selling snacks but it is best to grab something from the grocery store before you come. We have been enjoying the fresh baguettes with packages of sliced meat and cheese. An easy lunch on the go that will cost you less than 5 Euros for your family.
  • The weekends are the busiest time at the park but we went on a Saturday and did not find it overly crowded.
  • Leave time to play. The kids had fun running around inside the park and there is also a nice little playground near the entrance that no kid will want to pass by without stopping to play.

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