The Dogs of Barcelona

So, this is a diversion from the type of posts I usually write, but I must tell you all about the dogs of Barcelona because I just can’t get over how strange I find the dog culture here!

There are ALOT of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, purebreds, mutts. I have never seen so many pet dogs in a city before. And there seems to be a dog park around every corner. We continuously come across them when we are out and about exploring the city. People here must really love dogs.


Now comes the part I find fascinating. All of the dogs we have seen are SO well behaved. I’m not talking dogs that are nice and friendly, I am talking about dogs that completely ignore everyone but their owners. Dogs that walk past other dogs with barely a sniff. Dogs that walk past people without a glance. We have yet to have one single dog come up to us in greeting. They stick to their owner’s side and they mind their own business.

Now I don’t know what dogs behave like in your neck of the woods, but we are used to dogs coming over to say hello, having a sniff, checking out other dogs, and maybe even a little misbehaving.

And the strangest thing of all is that I would say about 40% of the dogs we have seen are off leash….IN THE CITY!

There must be one heck of an obedience school business in Barcelona.

Have you been to Barcelona? Did you notice the well-behaved dogs?

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  1. Heidi says:

    That is really fascinating. Sounds wonderful. What about the dog poop? Do people pick up after their dogs too? If so, I might have to move there 😉

    1. worldschooled says:

      People do pick up after their dogs but you still have to watch out for the poop. And of course how well can you really pick up poop off a sidewalk? There are a lot of poop smears!

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