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My name is Amy, my husband is Mike, and our wonderful children are Lan and Kayden.

Before we had children, we traveled a lot together.  We drove a camper van to Mexico (twice), Guatemala, Belize, America, and across Canada.  Then we took almost 10 months for our honeymoon backpacking around South East Asia.  It was on our honeymoon, with plans of little ones in the near future, that we decided we wanted to set up a lifestyle where we would travel the world with our family.  For the last eight years we have been working towards the goal of picking up and leaving the familiar and comfortable life we have in Canada for a life of adventure in the wide world.

This blog is to chronicle our Worldschool Adventures, traveling for up to six months of every year while we unschool our two boys.  We travel slowly, settling down for a few months at a time in the places we love.  We have no set itinerary, just a general idea of places we want to visit and the freedom to travel at our own pace.

Read more about how we worldschool our children, our little home, finding community, and how we finance our family travels.



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  1. grandma Cindy says:

    Amy, what can I say. Your words are inspiring and there is nothing more a mother and grandmother could ever want in this world than to know there is YOU, taking care of my child, Mike, and my grandchildren Lan and Kayden. You are a gift from the heavens! You are also a soul of the earth, and with your example and determination the earth can only get better. Thank you Amy for you! All our love and appreciation, Cindy

  2. Nadine says:

    Dear Amy and Mike and family and of course also dear Cindy great mother-in-law (you are such a nice mother-in-law, Amy and Mike, you are so lucky) !!!!
    We received your email and read your entries on your blog and we can feel the excitement and spark that you have about this world. It’s refreshing and we wish you good luck! You are right, there are others out there like you and other families like you, so concentrate on being you, doing good, being a good example and inspiration to others and don’t worry about your brother not putting his recycling in the recycling bin. One day he will… some people just need time. We cannot force our lifestyle onto others as well as we don’t want their lifestyle. There is no right and wrong.
    Anyway, we like your lifestyle very much and we are similar to you: wear lots of second hand clothes, have no tv, no car, are vegetarians, travel very slowly, try to avoid planes, even use the mooncup (during my time of the month…). We recently had a lot of thoughts about leaving, traveling, living a life on the road and the price we pay for this. I put our thoughts about it on our website if you like to read them… you are of course welcome. We believe that travelling should not be for recreation, but for doing something good in this world.
    I will be happy to follow your travels and hope that our paths will cross one day. We will be leaving China in January and we’ll be off traveling again ourselves. We are not sure where yet, this can be decided last minute. Where ever life will take us…
    I will also be interested to read about your unschooling. Our home-schooling is going all right, but it’s neither great, nor bad. Our boys are very average learners – just normal kids – and we had to make our home-school into a “real” school with set times, schedules, rules etc. otherwise it would have never worked for us. Our boys would have simply ended up playing all day and times tables and essays etc. simply don’t just fall into their brains whilst playing lego… I suppose all parents/children are different. I will be interested to read about your experiences in that matter.
    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your travel preparations and good luck for selling the house!
    Nadine and family

  3. Jason says:

    Just ran across your blog. Looks like a fun trip you have planned. We’ve recently returned (dad, mom, 14 yr old boy, 13 yr old girl) from a year away (6 months in S.America and 6 months in Mediterranean). I like your perspective on homeschooling/unschooling/worldschooling and your kids are going to learn tons.
    I will enjoy following your family travels.


    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Glad you found us Jason! Your trip sounds amazing! If you have any comments or perspectives on any of our posts, please feel free to leave them for us. I’m sure you would have unique insights and tips for us from your own experiences. 🙂

  4. with2kidsintow says:

    hi amy
    where are you guys from in B.C.?? i’m canadian too, from the vancouver area, but have been living in AUS. nice to ‘meet’ you!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Nice to meet you too! I’ve been enjoying your blog, how exciting to be finally on the road. I can’t wait till its our turn 🙂 We live in the Okanagan Valley.

  5. Karin says:

    Dear Amy
    Thank you for your great website and your awesome list of other travelling families – will keep me glued to the computer forever! We also spent a year travelling with our 8 year old twin boys (that’s what I call having kids as close in age as possible in order to get back to globetrotting as fast as possible 🙂 ). I am very interested in your unschooling approach. So far I tend to see it with Nadine: we had to keep our boys’ schooling fairly formalized, otherwise they would have played all day. Which also did them an enormous amount of good as well as all the other incredible experiences on the way. However, our intention was from the beginning to spend just a year abroad and then go back to Switzerland and the normal school. So it is really like Nadine says: there are as many options and possibilities as there are long-term travelling families. I will be following your adventures. Take care. Karin

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Karin, thank you for your comment! I don’t think that unschooling is for everyone, there needs to be a level of comfort with it for the parents as well as a huge amount of trust. We are lucky in the fact that our children have never been in the “system” and we are really starting our unschooling journey with a fresh slate. We also don’t plan on returning them to regular school once our trip is over (at least not at this point). I have been so amazed at the learning I have witnessed in our first year that I truly believe that unschooling will be our path for the foreseeable future. I have received a lot of interest from my readers on our unschooling approach and I plan on doing more posts about it soon. 🙂 Regardless of how one chooses to school however, I think that travel is the best education a parent could ever offer their children.

  6. Alison Ghani says:

    Hi there. When do you plan to be in Kuala Lumpur?

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      I really couldn’t tell you, we are very loose with out plans and our plan is to really not have much of a plan! I checked out your website! Fabulous! Hope we can meet up one day and share travel stories!

  7. breakoutofbrooklyn says:

    Great blog and great vision! I also plan on taking my daughter to see the world (leaving summer, 2012). I was struck by the first couple of comments attached to this post- such positivity from your family! Best wishes.

  8. gabi klaf says:

    How awesome and inspirational to read about your look on life. i homeschooled our children from two and a half years; then helped found a school which was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed of, and now, we are already 8 months on the road world-schooling, with no end in sight. I love your writing style and can’t wait to be inspired by more.

    maybe our kids can skype hello sometime! gabi

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thank you for your kind words Gabi! I hope one day we can meet up somewhere in the world. It is so amazing meeting other families who share our outlook on life!

  9. Amy says:

    Hey Amy! Awesome website. I love the blog entries, especially the story of how you and Mike met and fell in love. You are doing amazing things. You are staying true to your dream and I admire that.

    Hugs! Amy

  10. Molly Surazhsky says:

    Hi Amy! Your family is so beautiful!!

    I will be following your blog. Can I actually add the link to your blog on mine?

    The boys are great and it’s so cool that Mike is a carpenter!!! I hope that we’ll get a chance to see some of his carpentry work in the near future!

    Happy Travels!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Of course you can link Molly! Thank you 🙂

  11. Ariel Lundin says:

    There certainly is an abundance of homeschooling information available and this is a good thing… for the most part… as long as you don’t get bogged down in overload and suffer paralysis by analysis.

  12. tania says:

    HI There
    What an interesting read of your blog! I discovered you as we are in CM with our 2 boys and were googling Sticky falls – our adventure later this week.
    I am a teacher in Shanghai and I am sure some of our classes would love to learn about your lifestyle, your kids as they travel, explore, observe, communicate and immerse themselves in different cultures.
    Would you be willing to email me and maybe set up a kids blog or wiki, for our classroom bound kids to learn more about the world outside the classroom walls?
    Wish we were brave enough to do what you are currently doing….but for now we appreciate the Summer break, and a mix of exploring, family and the occasional 5 star treat!

  13. sabretoothedchickenstour says:

    Hi Amy;
    What a great blog.
    Good Journey.
    Prunella & crew

  14. MamaAJ says:

    I just discovered your sight, and am really interested in delving deeper. I have been toying with the idea of unschooling our 2 boys so that we could travel. Based on your “About Us”, we had a similar honeymoon. My husband and I traveled for a year mostly through South East Asia. Now I am wondering how to travel with my family of 2 young boys. I’m excited to learn from you and your family. Thanks for creating this site!

    Here’s a little bit of our story: http://cruzatfamily.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/our-honeymoon-saved-our-marriage-4-honeymoon-lessons-to-last-a-lifetime/


  15. Mary says:

    Hi Amy,

    Ditto what MamaAJ said. I have 3 kids, 5, 7, and 10. I have long had the fantasy of taking my kids out of school and teaching them thru travel but have not yet had the guts and I can’t help but feel that time is running out. We moved our kids to Dominican Republic for three years and now we have been in Thailand for 4 months. But they have always been in an international school. So my dream is that since I am here and not working I could study something like Angkor wat with them and then take them there, then Vietnam nam etc. I am having so much anxiety about pulling the trigger tho. My family says they will not be ok if they are not in school and many people are very critical of this approach. How do you combat family and friends who don’t agree with your approach? I’m just so worried about doing the wrong thing for my kids yet I know in my heart that this is right. My husband is supportive of whatever I want to do.

    1. worldschooled says:

      You have the means to do it and the passion….Go for it! Of course it is a personal decision but what is the worse that could happen? They miss a year of school? Think of the experiences gained that will shape their lives!

      As for those who don’t understand us and our decisions, I have learned that I cannot change their minds. I TRY to greet their comments with grace and let them roll past me. I hope that as time goes on they can see the beauty of our life because they see how amazing my children are.

      Good luck in whatever you decide!

  16. Jelena says:

    I am not an envious person, but stories about travel, and especially homeschooling as as worldschooling just makes me green with envy! I have two boys myself 7 and 9. I wish I could make up my mind… Point is, I would have to travel myself as my hubby has to earn money to support the lifestyle. And family apart for extensive periods of time is not smth everyone wants to experience. 🙁

  17. Lisa says:


    I’m another mum with a family who loves to travel. Before we had kids we wanted to travel on a long term trip, but instead opted to try to spend at least a month a year somewhere travelling (often it’s longer). We’ve been doing this now for around 13 years and love it. I grew up travelling and homeschooled as well. Anyways just trying to connect with some other like minded families. Visit us at our blog (I only started it a couple years ago).


  18. Kate says:

    Hope you are all feeling well recovered soon. Have been ill in Chian Mai (Luckily only me) and it was no fun but a story for later on:)

    Wish you guys would write up the earlier trip information some time about camper van in Central America. Am in early planning stages of a trip through Mexico/Belize/Guatamala and looking for road schooling/family stories. Considered camper van across Europe but hadn’t thought of that option in Mexico. Sounds fun though.


  19. Gina Castillo says:

    How is this financially possible? I am looking into how we could do this financially but we are not a wealthy family. Do you guys have a sustainable business or any tips?

    1. Liz says:

      Hi Gina. This is how our family plans on doing it. I decided to start learning how to design websites so I can do it from anywhere in the world. In addition, we are going to be doing a lot of workaway.info Have you heard of them? I love the concept! Check it out and good luck making it a reality!

  20. Jane says:

    That was a great write up! The arguments people have about socialization etc. seems so daft. How awesome for kids to travel and meet so many new people and cultures. I just took my daughters to the UK and Europe for 10 months. Seeing family and always on the road. We bought a car and 2 berth caravan and headed to Europe in winter. Ice skating, skiing… just chilling and going where we wanted. I am sure it will take more than 10 months to write all the posts I want to do!

    We did little bit of schooling from books to attempt to keep up with the curriculum… but really, wish I had not wasted the money on them!
    Sadly, we are back and into school life in Australia, but the plan to go away again is ever present!
    Well done on great articles folks!

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