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Who Wants to Go to Legoland, Malaysia?


I do, I do! When we told our children we might be able to fit Legoland, Malaysia into the tail-end of our trip they were over-the-moon excited.  Now I am not talking, “Yah! That would be cool.” excited. I’m talking jump up and down, hugs all around, tears of joy excited.  Seriously.  Tears of joy! You …

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Fast Forward to Bali


This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  We finished up our tour of Northern Thailand where I am proud to say not a one of us got car sick.  The route from Chiang Mai to Pai to Mae Hong Song is the most ridiculously winding road I have ever traveled on and …

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Our Week In Penang

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Although the first leg of our journey was not at all how I expected it, our second week in Penang, Malaysia more than made up for the craziness that was Hong Kong.  For months I had been looking forward to meeting and connecting with a whole bunch of other traveling families and I was so …

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