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On the Good Side


I have been thinking a lot lately about living on the sunny side of life.  The glass half full kind of thinking.  And I have come up with a list of positives for this house turned trap situation we have found ourselves in. And although, just like Star Wars, there will always be a Dark …

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10 Ways to Save Money to Travel & Save the Planet

Drying clothes on the line!

Our family is frugal.  Living an inexpensive lifestyle has always been a part of our process for saving money to travel, but over the past year we have taken it to a new level.   Our motivation to save money has now become secondary to our motivation to live a green lifestyle. 10 Ways to Save …

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The F Word

I’m talking about Finances! I want this blog to be a resource for families that are planning or considering their own epic journey. One of they ways I plan on doing this is to do a monthly breakdown of our expenses once we hit the road. It is my hope that this will not only …

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