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Setting an Intention for 2017


Each year at New Years I  like to look back at the past year to see what I have accomplished and what I have struggled with. I then look forward to the New Year, full of possibilities, and decide what dreams I would like to manifest for myself and my family. Each year I choose a …

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Setting an Intention for 2016


I’m not one for New Years Resolutions. This is probably because I don’t need to be motivated by an end of another year to make a goal.  I tend to make goals all year long and my goals undoubtably change and morph into new goals as time passes. For the past three years I have …

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What We Love About Home


Our re-enry this go around was rough.  Really, really rough.  We flew home with a terrible flu.  Our immune systems were shot. The combination of flu symptoms and jet lag completely took us out and we did little more than lay in bed for days.  Before our flu from Asia had abated we got head …

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This Small House


I’ve been obsessed with alternative building for years. Cob, straw bale, and rammed earth set my heart racing. I’ve read books and watched documentaries on tiny homes and the idea of living in a smaller foot print is so appealing to me. I’m happy to say we are finally in our home. The home that …

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Raising Your Own Pigs


As with most endeavours on our small farm, we seem to jump into new projects feet first without much forethought or research.  It seems as though that is the best way for us to learn…if we knew what we were getting ourselves into we might be too intimidated to try! This is how we found …

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We Have A Home


Eight months of fighting.  Eight months of uncertainty.  Eight months without a clear direction.  Eight months of stress and anxiety. Our fight is now over.  After throwing a ridiculous amount of time and money at our housing problem the powers that be have approved our rezoning application on our property and our little 732 sq …

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Plan? There Is No Plan.


We thought we had a plan for this year….that was before our world got turned upside down with our housing issues.  You may remember that we were renovating a home on my parents property when we got shut down.  We are still fighting for the right to live in our own home and I am …

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Finding Community

three handprints

I’ve said it here before.  I love my community.  I love the community I have here at home in Canada and I love the community I have when we are out in the world traveling.  But the fact of the matter is, I didn’t just stumble upon community (although many serendipitous moments led me to …

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The first broccoli harvest.

This has been the busiest summer of our lives. It has also been one of the most stressful. Some days it seems like we have bitten off more than we can chew and I have to stop to remind myself that everything that is keeping us busy has been a choice.  That all our choices …

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Saying Goodbye to Shampoo


And now for something completely different….. About two years ago I was on a voluntary simplicity kick.  I read every book in our library about the subject and I incorporated a lot of the things I learned into our daily lives.  One of the the ideas I incorporated was going No-Poo, as in, I stopped …

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