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I was chatting to a friend the other day about our lifestyle.  The usual stuff that I chat on this blog about….homeschooling, traveling, becoming more self-sufficient.   She commented to me about how impressed she was, that I had sacrificed so much for this lifestyle.  I nodded and agreed, not having time to form an …

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And Then We Were Chicken Farmers


My father cannot pass up a good deal.  If he has a need for something, can foresee a need for something in the future, or thinks that maybe one day it might come in handy, he will buy it if the price is right.  That is how our vision of having a dozen hens in …

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Our New Project


A few weeks ago I alluded to a new project we were working on.  Something that would enable us to make our dream lifestyle of traveling for six months of every year and having a home base in BC for the other six months possible. Well here it is….drumroll please! Our New House! Now before …

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Our Summer Home


I LOVE living in our motorhome.  Everything is simplified when living in such a small space and I am in love with that simplicity.  I can’t hoard clothes, store months worth of food, or have every size of tupperware dish known to man.  There is no room for dust-collecting knick-knacks.  I have only six of …

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RV Renovation – It’s More Work Than We Thought!

Fixing the roof!

The renovations on the RV continue to take up our weekends.  When we agreed to purchase it we did not really know how much work was going to be involved!  Of course we are still very happy with our decision.  We have never shied away from sweat equity projects! The leaky roof was much more …

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