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Travel Planning and Our Europe Itinerary

Travel planning. Maybe it sounds fun and exciting but in reality, it is a lot of work and quite a bit of stress. Since we purchased our tickets to London we have been spending hours on the computer every day researching our options and making plans. When we started planning, the only thing we knew …

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How We Fund Long-Term Family Travel


Money, money, money, money! Of course, this is a topic that EVERYONE is curious about! I think one of the biggest hurdles to making travel part of your lifestyle is figuring out just how to fund it! I have actually been doing some research in this area for a project I am helping with and …

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Expenses, October 2012 – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand


  One month of travel and we have gone WAY over budget.  We wanted to stay under $2000 per month and we have more than doubled that in our first month. There are a few things to blame: Hong Kong was ridiculously expensive.  We knew that going in but seeing the numbers in black and …

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Advice for the Aspiring Traveling Family


There are so many amazing families out there who are living their dreams of long term travel.  I have asked a few of them to help me pool their collective wisdom to give our family, and other families who are aspiring travellers, some advice. Here is what they had to say: Don’t Pack Too Much! …

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Has The House Sold Yet?…Um No.


No, the house has not sold yet. The market is flat and now that it is winter our prospects are even slimmer for a sale.  The good news is that it is not our house, it is the market.  Our house is still very desirable and beautiful, in a good neighbourhood and specifically designed with …

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The Moment of Inspiration in Hoi An Vietnam


I remember the exact moment when the idea of backpacking the world with our future children took seed.  Mike and I were in Hoi An Vietnam, half way through our 10 month honeymoon in South East Asia, when we saw a family with backpacks.  Looking back on it now I chuckle at my reaction.  I …

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Five Ways to Prepare Kids to Travel

It is so important to us to prepare our children for our upcoming travels.  We want them to be engaged and excited about our planning and our trip.  Here are five things we do to help keep up their level of excitement. 1. Tell stories If you have traveled in the past before you had …

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Getting Rid of Stuff


It started with the popcorn maker. We were trying to de-clutter the house to get it ready to go on the market.  My first job was to tackle the small appliance cupboard.  I thought “Do I really NEED a popcorn maker?  Popcorn is easy to make on the stove….”  And out it went, into the …

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Decide. Commit.


It is not the decision you make that is most important, it is the degree of commitment with which you make the decision –Bo Barllett The first and most important step in achieving any goal is making the commitment to it.  That is how every big thing in my life has been accomplished.  I made …

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And What About Retirement?


We’ve all heard this kind of story before and many of us know someone something like this has happened to: (Wo)man works all their lives, slaving away for a paycheck with the dream of one day being able to retire and finally live their dreams.  Six weeks after retirement they drop dead from a heart …

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