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Making the Commitment to Family Travel

When people ask me how our family is able to travel the world with our two children AND keep a home base, my answer is, “We DECIDED to.” Yes, that sounds quaint. And of course, it is an oversimplification of an entire process. But I find, as in most things in life, once you make …

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Exploring Canada’s Maritimes in an RV

nova scotia 2

We started our cross-Canada journey from our home in Beautiful British Columbia and went ALL THE WAY to Newfoundland. Wow. What a journey. We loved (almost) every second of it. Canada is so HUGE and so BEAUTIFUL and we are incredibly grateful to be able to show our amazing country to our children. We traveled …

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Bonjour Quebec!

Ah Quebec. We love your French language, your European architecture, your amazing food, and your joie de vie! We spent a blissfull four days with Mike’s Aunt and Uncle who live just outside of Montreal. Again, we were wowed by some over-the-top-amazing hospitality. How did we get so lucky to have such amazing family? We …

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The Ontario Money Grab


Ok, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here about Ontario. Well, not a super harsh rant, cause I’m an extremely kind person. But I gotta say that Ontario really turned us off. I know I talk about money a lot on this blog and how our family tries to maximize our …

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The Journey East

“Where are we going today?” Ask the kids. “East!” We reply. We’ve been pushing hard since Manitoba. We spent a few lovely days visiting family in Winnipeg and then made a straight shot to Ontario. Ontario is BIG. So BIG! And we had a bunch of friends and family to visit along the way. We’ve done …

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RV Living – 10 Things We’ve Learned So Far

unnamed (3)

We are first time RV’s. We’ve travelled to South East Asia carrying everything we need in backpacks, we’ve explored Europe for months with carry-on only, we’ve camped our way through the Western States in a VW van, but this is the first time we have traveled in a proper RV. Let me tell you, this …

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Riding Mountain National Park

unnamed (1)

We made it to Manitoba! It has only taken us a month to get this far. At this rate, we should be done exploring Canada by December. Ha! Canada is so huge and there is so much of it that we want to explore! Another National Park was on our radar, Riding Mountain National Park. …

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Breezing through Saskatchewan


Before we left on our journey, we became members of Harvest Hosts, which is a really cool membership program for RVers. Farms, wineries, breweries, and businesses can list their properties on the website and then members can request to camp overnight on their properties. Camping is free but it is expected that you will purchase …

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Exploring The Rockies


We LOVED the Rockies. From the time we first saw them in the East Kootenays to the time we left them in Jasper we were in awe. No wonder millions of people come to these towering, snow-capped mountains each year. We explored Kootenay National Park, Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park which all border …

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9 Weeks in San Miguel de Allende. Costs For a Family of Four.

numbers-money-calculating-calculation (1)

Our family of four spent the fall of 2017 in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We scrapped our original plan of spending four weeks there, as we fell in love with the city and ended up extending our trip to nine weeks. We would have stayed longer if we did not …

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