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Finding Sweetness in San Miguel de Allende


It’s been almost four months since we rolled back into San Miguel de Allende. The longer we stay in this place the more we love it. There is just so much to love!


10 Reasons to Love San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


The FREE six-month visa to Mexico for Canadian and American visitors make Mexico an easy country to visit, and to fall in love with. There are not many countries that offer such a long visa at absolutely no cost (I could probably count them on one hand!)  The ease of entry, the reduced cost of living, …

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The Stunning Sagrada Familia


The Sagrada Familia is the most famous of Gaudi’s buildings and I would hazard to guess one of the most famous basilicas in the world. It is pretty much the top attraction in Barcelona and for good reason. After three weeks in Barcelona, we decided we had better go see what all the fuss was …

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A Walk In Barcelona


Our first day in Barcelona was rough. It started with getting totally ripped off in the taxi ride from the airport to our Airbnb and it ended in projectile vomit. Our eldest fell sick that first night and barely made it off the couch the next day. Luckily we are here for a month so, …

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We’ve Been Busy!


We jokingly call ourselves professional movers.  In the last six years we have moved six times.  This will be number seven.  I’m making lists, taking a mental inventory of our stuff, and planning how I am going to pack everything. We have already had our garage sale.  Mostly we got rid of toys.  At first …

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The Best Of Both Worlds


What would your perfect life look like? I’m not talking about winning the lottery, I’m talking real world. If you could set yourself up to live your dreams, what would that look like? It is a question Mike and I have been asking ourselves for the last six months and we have come up with …

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