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Creating Community At The Family Adventure Summit


If you have been following me on Facebook you may have seen that I have been involved in a really amazing project, the Family Adventure Summit. I am SO excited to be on the organizing team to bring this opportunity to traveling families and those who aspire to travel. What is the Family Adventure Summit? If …

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10 Things I’ve Learned As An Unschooling Parent

unschooling parent

My family started our unschooling journey 6 years ago when we decided not to put our first born child into Kindergarten. We made the decision without a deep understanding of homeschooling. We wanted to travel with our children and homeschooling seemed to be the right thing to do to support this lifestyle. Since that fateful decision …

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How We Educate


Our children have never been to school. When we started our family we knew that homeschooling would be a part of our lives because it has always been our goal to travel. That was always a given with us but what we did not realize was that we would keep them out of school entirely. …

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The Moment of Inspiration in Hoi An Vietnam


I remember the exact moment when the idea of backpacking the world with our future children took seed.  Mike and I were in Hoi An Vietnam, half way through our 10 month honeymoon in South East Asia, when we saw a family with backpacks.  Looking back on it now I chuckle at my reaction.  I …

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A Week In Unschooling


With most kids headed back to school this past week the parks, attractions, and beaches have lost the crowds and we took full advantage.  We went to parks, grandma’s house, a petting zoo, a fall fair, and a heritage museum.  We had conversations about economics and wars (war is a big topic of conversation in …

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Interview – With 2 Kids in Tow

With 2 Kids in Tow is another one of my favorite family travel blogs.  What I love about this blog is that they don’t let having children in tow stop them from having adventures like  hiking rice terraces, checking out hanging coffins, and getting off of the beaten track  AND they do it on a …

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30 Traveling Families Share Their Best Educational Experiences

One of my biggest reasons for wanting to travel with my children is to give them a global education. An education that is not about memorization but is about learning through living. No matter what their educational philosophy,  be it unschooling, traditional homeschooling, or immersion in public or private schools, traveling families will all agree …

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British Columbia-The Best Place to Unschool?

Forgive my ignorance, but I have only just discovered that I live in one of the best places in the world to unschool my children.  I was reading a book on homeschooling and it had an entire chapter dedicated to the legalities of homeschooling country by country.  I was shocked to find out that homeschooling …

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Paradigm Shift

The fact that now, after our first year of unschooling, I don’t ever see my children attending public schools has me questioning a whole lot of other things in my life. I have gone from a mainstream view of education to what some might say is a radical one. What else in my life deserves …

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Interview With Raising Miro


Welcome to Worldschool Adventures first of many interviews with traveling families doing extraordinary things!  I hope to do an interview with a different traveling family every month, and for our fist one I am very excited to introduce you to Lainie from Raising Miro on the Road of Life! Miro and Lainie (mother 44 and …

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