I don’t want to rag on you…..but

Last weekend the boys and I spent the night at my brother’s house.  I get teased every time I go over there because, well, I pick through their garbage.  It’s not like I do it on purpose, I go to put something in and then I notice so many things that can be recycled.  I feel comfortable enough in my relationships with my relatives that I can pull out the offending piece of recycling and then give a light-hearted lecture about recycling.  What set this weekend apart from other visits is I started to get angry.  I mean really angry.  I even swore.  Because if it is so bloody hard for my brothers family to figure out, what about every other family in the world? How can one not take the time to bring the empty toilet paper roll from the bathroom to the recycling bin, or rinse out that yogurt container or tin can?  I know I am not alone in my quest to live lightly on the earth.  There are millions of us out there.  I guess I’m just wondering…..where are you all?

For me, I’ve moved past the recycling issue in my house.  My next step is to actually reduce my recycling.  No, not by putting it in the garbage but by choosing products with less or no packaging.  I’m inspired by the blog at http://plasticmanners.wordpress.com/.  A woman who is living life without plastic.  It is possible.  Certainly not easy though.  I’m taking baby steps but feeling really good about it!

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  1. Shelly says:

    Hey, toilet paper tubes can be composted too 🙂

  2. Tania says:

    I can vouch for your personal influence on educating people around you on ways to be more environmentally aware. I know that I’ve become more conscience because of you, and I know some of our mutual friends have as well… so the difference you are making is more than just recycling or composting, it’s also educating.

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Thanks Tania! I always find it hard not to become too ranty. That means a lot to me that you said that!

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