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Mike and I have traveled to the Kootenay region of British Columbia many times before.  I have many relatives out there and it is one of our favorite places to camp in BC.  But on our recent trip there for the first time we started to consider living there.  I am not sure if it is because we are in a bit of a still place in our lives right now, waiting for our house to sell so we can travel in Asia with our children (that plan hasn’t changed!) or if we are just in a place where we are craving change, or even if it is because we have been questioning so many of our own imposed paradigms that possibilities are opening up for us that we might not have considered in the past.   What ever the reason or combination thereof on our recent vacation in the Kootenays we kept saying to ourselves “I could live here.”

Coming from a dry area, the Kootenays are so lush.  And it is so underpopulated it seems like one big forest with a sprinkling of homes and people.  We camped on my Uncle’s property and I awoke each morning to a view of the tree tops.  Almost every morning and evening we spotted dear in the meadow.  It was magical.  I would just sit out in the yard and breath peace and happiness.

The kids played outside virtually all day.  We went for walks in the forest and built rock dams in a little creek.  By the end of each day they were so exhausted they would practically fall into bed and sleep 13 hours straight through.

And the people that live there have a healthy streak of granola in them.  Many people are the down to earth, back to earth kind and we could really see ourselves finding our own little community there.

Our immediate goals of course are selling the house and traveling Asia but now we have our wheels turning on converting a bus into a motor home and spending a few seasons in the Kootenays to see how we like it……..So many dreams, so little time!

Have you ever vacationed in a place and then dreamed of living there?  Did you do it?

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  1. hoorayrenee says:

    I absolutely love the Kootenays and think it would be a wonderful place to live. You and your boys would be very happy there, I’m sure.

    And yes, I pretty much always want to move to whatever new place we’re seeing. When we were in Italy, I was ready to start house hunting. Now we’re in Turkey and I think this would be a fantastic place to live for a while. Who knows where we’ll end up!

    Happy travels!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      I am like that too, I wonder how many places I will consider living in once we get back to Asia!

  2. Shelly says:

    Told you so 😉

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Maybe one day we will be almost neighbours!

  3. Victoria says:

    I visited San Francisco after living in rural Vermont. WOW! We immediately made plans to move. We moved out west for a “couple years” in 1998 and the years flew by!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Awesome! I think my problem is that I fall in love with so many places!

  4. Rebeca says:

    Sounds perfectly lovely….sigh.
    I was born in Nelson, but we moved to Alberta when I was only two. We continued to go back to visit friends there, so I do have some memories of the area. My Dad built a log house near Nelson, and it was my first home. It is on the property of friends, and although it’s been sorely taken over by the forest, it’s always been my secret dream to go live in it someday. Maybe at the least we can manage a little trip up that direction and show my husband and kids where I hail from. We recently got the kids’ Canadian citizenship cards, and although three of them have been to Canada, it’s been a while.
    Hmmmm… I think I need to plan a road trip!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      Yes Rebeca, you should! And come visit us while you are at it!

  5. Mack Reynolds says:

    good luck getting your home sold. i visited the philippines and loved it, but i think i’d have to be doing very well (in terms of money) to live there (i like amenities). I wen tot australia and i think i could live there. my sister is going to live there, and there might be a business opportunity to go over there so i think that’d be awesome.

  6. eektheman says:

    We would love to RV one day. The Kootenays look beautiful: safe, serene, and verdant!

    1. worldschooladventures says:

      It really is a very special place. It has a really positive energy about it.

  7. Rob Bignell says:

    What a great way adventure – especially for the young ones!

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