Travel Perceptions

We sat down with our children to explain to them our plans….If the house doesn’t sell then we are working towards driving our motorhome down to Arizona and spending the winter camping and exploring in the desert.

We told them about some of the things we will be seeing on the journey like the Redwood Forest and Joshua Tree National Park.  We told them about the type of things we will be doing like exploring, rock hunting, hiking, and of course camping.

Then Lan said something that brightened my perceptions….

He said “That is going to be funner than traveling in China!”

I think of traveling Asia with two kids in tow as exotic, adventurous, and totally amazing.  It will be a cultural experience, a feast for the senses, a journey filled with discovery for all of us.

And while traveling in the US is cool, it just doesn’t hold the same appeal to me as traveling in Asia.   There won’t be the cultural experiences, the beautiful beaches and jungles, or $1 meals at a market but Lan’s statement made me do some reflecting on my own travel perceptions.

Through the eyes of a child, eyes that fill with wonder at every new site, a trip to Arizona IS just as exotic as a trip to China.  Seeing the Grand Canyon will be just as astounding as seeing The Great Wall.  Climbing the rocks at Joshua Tree will be just as thrilling as climbing the steps to a Buddhist Monastery.

I am reminded of what travel is all about to me.  It is about new experiences.  It is about going outside your comfort zone and embracing adventure.  And for me it is about educating my children.

No matter where we go, we are going to have an amazing time.



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  1. Nadine Hudson says:

    Dear Amy and family

    Believe me… we have travelled extensively in Asia with our children and the last places we travelled in before settling down for a while, was the USA. And do you know what our children liked most? Possibly also the USA. They found it really nice that people there spoke English and that they could communicate easier. They found it nice that we could have little treats like going to the movies or buying some cool children’s books. They liked it that the food was “just like at home”. And of course more than anything they loved the vast nature and the fact that we camped in it most of the time. Exploring the amazing parks in the USA, following the super cool Junior Ranger Programms, having a wonderful infurstructure for campers…. for our boys all this was simply GREAT.
    Don’t get me wrong, we all LOVE Asia, Asia is our second home (or sometimes it feels like it’s our first home), but for children at that age, the US is simply hard to beat. Well, only Baja California could beat it…. but I already mentioned that in my last comment ;-).
    So, yes, I love your post and yes you will have an amazing time!!!!! By the way, on your way down, try and go through Utah… that’s stunning. And there is a little State Park with a wonderful wonderful wonderful campground and a lake for swimming right there in front of you… It’s called Escalante…. have a look if you like: http://www.hudsonfamily.ch/en/2011/08/19/the-petrified-forest-of-escalante/

    Enjoy it!!!
    Nadine and family
    PS. we are off to Egypt for the summer holiday. Just booked a return flight to Cairo and will see what we feel like exploring once we are there. Three weeks isn’t very long, but it’s all we can have for now…. I’m not complaining, we are super excited.

    1. worldschooled says:

      I am excited about all of the natural wonders the US has to offer. That is what we are interested in showing the kids. Utah looks amazing, thanks so much for the link.
      Egypt eh? You guys are so awesome! And even though three weeks is not much time when you compare it to your other travels, three weeks is a lot of time when you compare it to how long many other families travel for! Good on you!

  2. Mary @ Green Global Travel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post on Family on Bikes and I’m glad it lead me to your blog. I love your view on travel and on educating your children.

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks so much! Glad you found us 🙂

  3. Christina @ Interest-Led Learning says:

    We were supposed to visit Europe this year, but things fell through. I was so disappointed. But I was determined to put together a memorable trip. So, we’re going to head out through Canada, spend a week at a cabin in Maine, a night in Portland, then on to Boston and New York City. And really, I’m just as excited about it. In fact, when we took three days to hike some dunes in Michigan last year, it was just as memorable as they two weeks we spend hunting crabs on Grand Cayman Island. It’s seeing the world through the eyes of my kids that’s so exciting. And building those memories.

  4. Jemma@ Philippine Travel says:

    Looks like you had a really fun and adventurous travel. Just like you, I also enjoy traveling to new places. It’s really fun to meet new people, see new things, and learn new culture.

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