We’ve Been Busy!

We jokingly call ourselves professional movers.  In the last six years we have moved six times.  This will be number seven.  I’m making lists, taking a mental inventory of our stuff, and planning how I am going to pack everything.

We have already had our garage sale.  Mostly we got rid of toys.  At first we were nervous about involving our kids in the process. We were worried there would be attachments to their toys, that they would cry over selling them.  But leaving them out of the process was not really an option.  Can you imagine the devastation if one day all their toys had disappeared?

Luckily our fears were for naught  as the kids totally kicked ass in the purging department.  We talked to them about the process, about how we needed to get rid of things that we did not use much, and how we would use the money to take them to Disney Land in Hong Kong.  They had no problems whatsoever with getting rid of about 80% of their toys.  Not only did they know what they wanted to get rid of, they knew what they wanted to keep….Lego, K’nex, and Star Wars toys (no surprises there!)

The garage sale was not a huge success.  We only made $125.  For that amount it seemed hardly to be worth our time.  But it’s $125 more than we had.  Nothing came back in the house.  When the garage sale was over everything went directly to the thrift store and that felt GOOD!

Today we started to pack up the house.  We plan to do a bit everyday so that it is not so overwhelming at the end.  I am starting to feel like I am in control again instead of stressed out and overwhelmed. (Okay, I am still stressed out but not as much as I was last week!)

I have been reflecting about just how much stuff we have.  Now if you knew me personally you would know that I am a bit of a minimalist.  I can’t stand clutter.  I have no problems purging.  People have commented that my house is very “Zen”.  But when you’re packing up all of your stuff you see just how much stuff you have!  I’m being ruthless and have started a new box for the thrift store.  I also am determined to stop letting stuff come into our lives.  We don’t need anything else (Mike would argue that we need an iPad) and I am putting up my mental defences for the accumulation of more material possessions.

So where are we storing everything?

Well, since we move so darn much (we build and sell houses if you are new here) about five years ago we bought a 40 foot shipping container.  You know, like the kind that is filled with crap from China and then put on a boat to transport said crap to our over-consuming markets.  We parked our shipping container on my parents property (thanks Mom and Dad!) and have had free storage ever since!  So we are not getting rid of any big ticket items (except our TV but that is another blog post) or any of our household items.

Oh, and the BIG news is……….We bought our tickets!

We are flying to Hong Kong at the end of September!  We chose Hong Kong because we could get direct flights from Vancouver thus making our flight to Asia 13 hours instead of the 21 it would take to get to Bangkok.  We will stay in Hong Kong for about a week and then catch an Air Asia flight into Thailand.  We have decided to focus the rest of our time in Thailand.  Thailand calls to me, its the place I most want to go back to.  After six months there we will fly home for six months and then start a new journey somewhere else the following winter.

22 more days until we are out of the house and living in our motorhome (not that I am counting!)

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  1. Rebeca says:

    So exciting! It really is crazy how much stuff we have. I’ve gotten rid of so much, and it definitely feels easier to keep clean, but there is still a lot left. A lot more than we need. One step at a time! We’re leaving September 1st for South America, on a whim, so we have a deadline now and a lot of work to do. Hoping the house sells, but if not, then we will figure out what our options are. Maybe rent it.
    Happy to be following your journey!

    1. worldschooled says:

      I love your trust in the universe Rebeca! I hope that your house sells right away and if not I know you will figure it all out. South America in September!!!! Woot Woot! Good for you guys! I’m happy to following on your journey as well. 🙂

      1. Rebeca says:

        Yeah, I’m a little jealous of all you Asia bound people, though! I’m excited to explore a place none of us have ever been, though. Still, I look forward to taking my family some of the places I traveled years ago.

        1. worldschooled says:

          We will still see you in Asia I am sure! If not this year then another. Or come on up and visit us in BC this summer!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is so awesome!!!! Yeha we are pro movers as well, I seriously don’t know how many times we have moved in the past 4 years. Internationally as well!!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Moving internationally would be a whole other ball game! We only have to go about 7kms to get our stuff in storage. Easy Peasy!

  3. Christina @ Interest-Led Learning says:

    I’m so happy for you guys! I’m really excited to follow your worldschool adventures. We would love to travel for a year, although I like your idea of six months gone and six months back and then repeating that. We’re going on a three week trip from Chicago, to Toranto, to Montreal, then Maine, Boston and New York City. We were supposed to go to Europe this summer but plans fell through. But I’m pretty excited about this trip, too.

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