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You may have seen on Facebook that we have been looking for  a house to rent for a month in Nai Yang.  The search was a bit frustrating for us.  High season has just begun and already it is slim picking in the rental market here.

We found two houses that would be suitable.  One was $500 for the month.  It was older but perfectly livable, but was just off the highway.  The other was what I would call pretty luxurious.  It was newer, with nice furnishings, was in a quiet location (although a bit out of town), and best of all it had a pool.  The problem with this one though, was the price tag.  Our accommodation budget is $600 per month and this one rolled in at $1000.

We had a really hard time deciding what to do.  Our practical sides told to rent the cheaper house.  We are, after all, at the beginning of our trip and if we splurge all of the time we will come home without moola.  But it was hard to say no to the luxury house after we had seen how nice it was.  We talked for days about our decision.  The nicer house came with Internet, TV, and a pool!!  We tried justifying the nicer house by looking at the nightly rate….only $16 more a night for all those amenities, how could we not?

And so, we left practically by the way side and decided to splurge for the month.


I think we will be happy here!  What do you think, did we make the right choice?

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  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    WOW!!! Looks AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see it in person later today!

  2. Renee says:

    Beautiful! I’m sure the boys are wild about the pool. Enjoy your month of luxury!

  3. A King's Life says:

    And after you’re done renting it…can I?

    Wow…it’s even better than I imagined it! I have a feeling you are enjoying spending that extra $16/night on this palace. It’s beautiful!

    1. worldschooled says:

      It’s pretty nice, we can make room for you if you want to come visit Sabina!

  4. alyson@world travel says:

    Wow, that’s lovely! I’m sure it will pay for itself, you’ll enjoy being at home and playing in your pool so much, you won’t want to go out so often. Have a brilliant time!

    1. worldschooled says:

      It definitely makes having home days easy!

  5. april says:

    i think you made the right choice.

    my family and i currently live in 3 different locations during the year.
    (2 in the states and 1 in argentina)
    and we will become true global nomads once our permanent residence sells. (hopefully very soon)
    i am inspired by your family’s travels.

    1. worldschooled says:

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about Argentina. I would love to go there one of these years!

  6. Matt says:

    You only live once. You definitely made the right decision. Enjoy your time there.

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Matt, we plan on it!

  7. Lisa Wood says:

    OH wow – that is so worth the extra $16.00 per night! That pool….gorgeous 🙂

    1. worldschooled says:

      Totally gorgeous!

  8. Justin says:

    Man, it looks great! Huge place! Congrats!

    Very jealous from this side of the world.

    1. worldschooled says:

      Ahhhh, you’ll be over here before you know it!

  9. Kirsty says:

    Aww it looks fab! Hope you enjoy your month there!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Kirsty!

  10. Shelly says:

    I totally can relate to your dilemma. Seems like you thought it out well and I agree, GREAT choice. Especially if the ocean waters are not necessarily swim-able every day.

    1. worldschooled says:

      The ocean is a lot better now…no more jelly fish and the water is beautiful! But it is nice to have the pool so some days we can just hang at the house.

  11. Mary says:

    It looks great! Sometimes you just need to spend a little more money and other times it works out better and you can spend less. I think you did great, the pool will be great for those new swimmers of yours:)

    1. worldschooled says:

      You should see Kayden, cannonballs and everything!

  12. Christina @ Interest-Led Learning says:

    I’ve been having such a good time catching up with what you’ve been doing the past month. The house looks awesome! I think it was a great choice. Having a pool outside is so great for the kids. It’s something my kids look forward to whenever we have the chance to get away. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Christina, we have been very happy with our decision. Having the pool right outside our doorstep has been so great for the kids!

  13. Celina, Rosemary, Amelia, Elizah and Francis! says:

    OK, we’re on our way over to YOUR house today!!!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Come on over Celina!

  1. Apartment Hunting In Chiang Mai | Worldschool Adventures says:

    […]  If only the price tag hadn’t been just over one thousand dollars!  We splurged back in Nai Yang so with sad faces we decided we couldn’t splurge […]

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