Too Hot for a Hot Springs

We love hot springs.  We have quite a few of them within a days drive of our home in British Columbia and they make a perfect winter weekend getaway.  There is nothing quite like soaking your body in hot water that comes straight from the earth while the a gentle sprinkling of snow dusts the top of your head.

We ended up stopping at a hot springs on our way up to Pai.  We saw a sign for Pong Dueat Geyser on the highway so of course we had to go and check it out.  The geyser is at a constant bubble, splashing its boiling hot water a few feet out of the ground.  It made for an excellent science lesson for the children.  What better way to learn about the layers of the earth, magma, and steam than a field trip to a geyser?  And this is why I LOVE worldschooling!



By this time we were pretty hot and sticky.  I mean, if the Thailand heat wasn’t enough for us we were standing in a wall of steam!  There were signs for hot springs and we decided to just go look a them but it was way too hot to go in.

After enough of a walk to work up even more of a sweat we found the hot springs. The hot water flowed down the mountain in a river and rocks had been been piled to make small pools big enough for a good soak.  We stuck our feet in.  It was hot. Really hot.  How hot?  Mike put his super duper watch in to get a temperature reading.  42 degrees Celsius.  Hotter than a hot tub hot!

Mike taking the water temperature with his watch.

Mike taking the water temperature with his watch.

DSCN7044 DSCN7045 DSCN7040

This would be a beautiful place to come for a nice hot soak if ever snows in Thailand!

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