Coming Home

Our first six month Worldschool Adventure has come to a close.  It took us twenty five hours of travel to get back to Canada including airport waiting time.  Again, the kids surprised us with how well they handled the marathon of travel.  Of course we were armed with an iPad and a good selection of movies to keep them occupied.

We have been home for four days now.  Jet lag hit us all pretty hard and for the first few days we were either sleeping, wishing we were sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, or falling asleep in the middle of the day.  I think we are finally on schedule now. We are all feeling good and are digging in to home life.

We will be living in our motorhome this summer as we renovate the house we bought last year.  Nights are a cool zero degrees Celsius but it actually feels good to be cuddled up under thick blankets after six months of sweating in the tropical heat.

It feels good to be home.


A lot of people talk about reverse culture shock after coming home, so far we have virtually none.  Instead we feel overwhelmingly grateful for everything in our lives.  Things we used to take for granted like having a grocery store full of any food you desire, drinking water out of the taps, comfortable beds, and reliable showers are now things we are taking immense pleasure in.  I’ve done happy dances over dill pickles, weeding the garden, and crisp spring air.  I wonder if our enthusiasm will fade or if six months away every year is just enough time to keep us continuously thankful.

Most of the friends we made in our travels are full-time nomads.  I used to think that was the life I wanted for my family but after our first trial of six months of travel I am confident we have found the lifestyle that is perfect for us.  I love traveling.  I love the adventure, the growth, the learning.  I love how travel changes us, how it broadens our minds, and increases our confidence and sense of self.  I love travel, but I also love having a permanent base.  I love our amazing community.  I love the challenge of living life in a small footprint, growing our own food, and exploring our own backyard.

There is a constant push and pull between the two worlds of nomadic travel and setting down roots and I think we have stumbled upon the perfect balancing act between these two desires.

The next six months will be very busy for us.  We are getting the garden ready for planting, we have decided to get our own chickens (eggs are in the incubator right now!), and we will be renovating our house.  Our hope is to finish renovations before we leave for our next adventure in the fall so that we can rent it out and have some income while we travel.

I’m not sure what form the blog will take for the six months of the year that we are home.  I mean, are people interested in our garden, our chickens, and our renovations? (Please do let me know!)  I do have a few posts lined up in my head about travel…things we would do differently, things that worked for us, the costs of travel etc…

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read our blog, to those who have commented, sent their encouragement, privately emailed, and for those who have followed along silently.  Your interest, encouragement, and friendship have made the time and effort put into this blog worth it ten fold.

If there is something you are aching to know about our travels, let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email by using the contact form.

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  1. Rebeca says:

    Glad you’re home and enjoying it. I like the half and half idea a lot. Would love to come for a visit, or if you’re coming to Vancouver area and have time we’d love to have you over!

  2. Heather says:

    Glad to know things are going well for you since you’ve gotten back! I would be interested to read about your off season times too as we’re just starting on many of the same things.

  3. Andrea Chisholm says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed reading your travelling blogs, especially as you have travelled to some places in advance of us, giving us great ideas. I would be interested to keep reading of how you live your life at home too – its still exotic for me as an Australian! Last night I had a dream that we were home from our yearlong adventure (in reality we still have 9 months to go!) and I was crying and missing our peaceful life living in a village in rural Bhutan. Its funny isn’t it – at times I’m homesick for those exact same simple pleasures of home that you are enjoying now- familiar foods, hot showers, hot weather (we come from the tropics but find ourselves in the mountains!) etc. Waking up I realise we will have all those things when we get home, and then we’ll miss the simple things we love here!!! I’ll be really interested to hear where you choose for your next adventure 🙂

  4. Living Outside of the Box says:

    How wonderful to hear your reflections! After having taken a similar journey this year (9 months in and closing on our final 2 months) I think we feel the same way. Being nomadic full time is a lot of work, and leave us unfulfilled in our other desires ( a home base, a garden, etc). We too would like a balance like you!

    We’d love to hear about your summer life, too! After all-it is still Worldschooling with the world around you! Just because it is not full of wild adventures doesn’t mean we don’t want to read it! Life is ALL an adventure!

  5. Madeline @ The Places We Go says:

    I too would love to hear about your renovations and home life. We’re setting off for six months travel in July and then returning home. Not sure when we will travel again after that but I understand the push pull you’re talking about.

  6. Tiffany @ FiteInertia says:

    What a great post! Glad you all made it back and are loving the creature comforts of home. I think the 6 months on/off travel schedule is brilliant, and I was just telling someone about your situation a few days ago, and just read my husband your post (and he’s inspired too!).

    Can’t wait to hear more about your “home” adventures this summer. Sounds like a whole new realm of world schooling! If you come down to the Seattle area, let us know as we’d love to meet up, or offer you a place to stay.

  7. Lisa Wood says:

    It is hard to work between wanting to travel and wanting somewhere to have to call home – I love the idea of renovating and renting out a house – would love to see your journey through the process!
    We miss our Chickens and our Gardens…but nothing else from our little backyard we used to have.
    I guess finding middle ground works, and being happy is what life is all about.
    Looking forward to following your next adventures, with your new journey.

  8. Devon@BuddyandGirl.com says:

    Thanks for sharing Amy! We are looking forward to drinking from our taps again and a million other things when we return home in three months. I look forward to reading more about how things are going for you. By the way we are keeping Dewa busy, so thanks for the tip!

  9. Jess with2kidsintow says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. Like you, we too like having a home base. While the kids handled our year away very well, they do miss the familiarity of home and friends more than we did. I don’t think full-time nomadic life would suit us, but possibly a year away every few years will be our ‘balance’. Time will tell. Have fun being home!

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