Asia Called

Ring, ring, ring.

Me, “Hello?”

Asia, “Hi! This is Asia.  Are you coming back here or what?”

Me, “Oh, I don’t know.  We are thinking about it.  You know we love you but there are just so many other places in the world that we want to show the kids.  We kinda feel like we should give them some fresh experiences, ya know?”

Asia, “Yes, I understand this but don’t I call to you?  Don’t you love it here?  The food, the people, the culture, the price…did I mention the food?”

Me, “Yes, you do call to us. You have since the first time we saw you.  It is just so hard to make up our minds when there is a whole world out there.  And really, the flights are so expensive.  We need to tighten our budget straps.”

Asia, “Let me sweeten the deal.  I’ll give you a deal on airfare so good there is no way you could pass me up.  Check it out….”

Me, “Oh geez!  That is such a good deal!  Ok, Asia.   We are in alignment.  We will come back to you.  You know we can’t resist!”

Asia Called.  We Answered.


After much contemplation over where we would spend next winter, returning to Asia won out in the end.  It was the cheap flights that cinched it for us.  All four of us for $3018 all in.  I’ve never seen a deal so good from Western Canada.

So back to Asia we go.  This time we plan on travelling a little differently.  We have tentatively decided to split our four and a half months between just two places, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Ubud, Bali.  This trip will be more about relaxing than seeing the sights, about finding the time for our passions. We plan to take it uber slow.  Play.  Eat. Enjoy.

Care to join us?

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  1. Pam G. says:

    I am amazed at the price that you got your flights for! We live in Nanaimo and had planned on travelling to Chiang Mai/Penang after Christmas. Would you mind sharing your site for booking? I’m sure those prices are now long gone, but I could start keeping my eye out.

    I love your blog~ actually, your writing was among a few blogs that motivated us to start travelling last year. I’m an older mom, with several grown kids (19-35) and five younger ones who are the travellers (age 2-12). We bought a motorhome through eBay in Michigan last December and drove it back through the southern states. Our home base is in Nanaimo, and we are away 2-3 weeks a month on the average, primarily travel by motorhome, as well as time share rentals along the way. Last year included San Francisco, Phoenix, LA, San Diego, Kelowna, Victoria, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Whistler, the trip from eastern US to back home and three trips to state parks along the Oregon Coast. With the older kids now settled, we would love to start planning the adventure to Asia. Best wishes as you plan your upcoming trip!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Pam! We got them with Delta. We fly into Seattle and then onto Hong Kong. From Hong Kong we will spend a night and take an Air Asia flight to Chiang Mai.

      Your adventures sound great! Please keep in touch, it would be great if we were in Chiang Mai at the same time!

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