Chiang Mai…..Again

It is  kind of a weird feeling coming back to Chiang Mai again.  We have been here quite a few times before. We know this city.  We have our favourite restaurants, places to hang out, markets, grocery stores.  We’ve done this all before and there is an extreme comfort in going back to a place you know and love.


Coming back to a place that we have already spent so much time in also means that we have done most of the things we want to do in this city.  We’ve seen all the Wats, shopped at the markets, visited the waterfalls, and explored the sois. So now we have no pressing “to do” list while we are here because we have already checked everything off that list.

I won’t say that we are bored because we are not but life has REALLY slowed down for us here.  We have no chores to do, no work. We have only a few small tasks like laundry (which is easy as our apartment has its own machine), and of course cooking every once in a while when we don’t feel like going out.


Part of our nutritious breakfast!

So how are we filling our time?  It is funny really, our days are mapped out by what we want to eat.  We usually have breakfast in our apartment which consists of toast, eggs, and fruit.  Then we plan out our meals…maybe lunch at the courtyard and dinner at Chiang Mai Gate, or lunch at Pun Puns and take out from The Lemon Tree for dinner.  Once we are out for our meals we might explore that neighbourhood on foot, or maybe we will linger over a deck of cards, or Mike and I will take turns getting a massage.


Lunch at Pun Puns Organic Vegetarian Restaurant.


Spending an afternoon playing cards.

We have been trying to really give the kids a good balance on being out and about and staying home.  I have two homebodies on my hands and we have found on our previous trip that too much activity breeds temper tantrums and fights.  Luckily our apartment is quite beautiful and has a pool and a gym to keep the kiddos occupied.  Mostly though they enjoy drawing, listening to books, playing lego, and creating with clay.

DSCN0149 DSCN0145

This slow life takes some getting used to.  We have been going at full speed for the last year and a half with all of our housing problems and renovation work.  It is a beautiful thing for the kids and I to have Mike with us all the time as we have gotten used to him working six or seven days a week.  We are breathing deeply (but trying not to choke on the traffic fumes!)


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  1. Sheralyn says:

    We were “this close” to spending 4 months in Chiang Mai this year, then got cold feet after the coup. So we ended up in Bali instead, and now are in Penang, Malaysia, but I still have Chiang Mai on my wish list!! Please keep the Chiang Mai posts coming – I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    1. worldschooled says:

      We feel very safe here. You should definitely come and check it out!

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