What We Love About Home

Our re-enry this go around was rough.  Really, really rough.  We flew home with a terrible flu.  Our immune systems were shot. The combination of flu symptoms and jet lag completely took us out and we did little more than lay in bed for days.  Before our flu from Asia had abated we got head colds, probably picked up from the recycled air on the airplane.  Before these head colds relinquished their firm holds on our bodies we caught another flu.  Basically in our first month of being home we left the house less than a handful of times. All of the things we were looking forward to from being home were put on hold as we recovered. Thank goodness for the generosity of my mother who kept us fed during this time!  The last beat down came to me on Easter when I got an infection in my gums around a half protruding wisdom tooth.  I had to bail on our family Easter dinners and lay in bed with fever.  Reluctantly I took antibiotics which I think was actually a good thing as it fought all the nasties still lingering in my body. Within a week I was at the dentist having oral surgery to get my last wisdom tooth removed.  Like I said, a really, really rough re-entry.

We have been healthy for a few weeks now and are getting back into the grove of home life.  We have dove in deep and have what seems like a million projects on the go.  Mike has been working six or seven days a week on a renovation and then trying to finally finish the last handful of things left to go on our house.  We have been working on landscaping our yard and of course planting our huge garden that will sustain us this summer.  Our hens are laying about 40 eggs a day which we eat and sell to friends. We are raising meat birds as well and will have a freezer full of chickens this summer.

It has been hard going from living a life of travel and adventure, to being house bound with sickness, to being so busy we feel like we bit off more than we can chew.  It has been an adjustment for sure but we are also finding so much enjoyment in being home.

Travel is awesome. It’s amazing. It’s transformative.

Home is awesome. It’s amazing. It’s transformative.

What we LOVE about home:


No one loves you like family does. The love is unconditional.  One of the things we miss the most when we travel is being near family.


While we usually seem to be able to create some sort of community when we travel our community at home is our rock.  We have been blessed with amazing friends and feel privileged to be a part of their lives.

Growing our own food

Knowing where our food comes from is very important to us and it is not something that is a part of our lives when we travel.  We are now working our way through all of the food we preserved from last year as well as what is left of the pigs we raised for meat.  The garden vegetables are now poking their heads through the soil for a new season of bounty.  The joy I get from cooking a meal where almost all of our food was grown or raised by us or someone we know is enormous.



There is always a few weeks after we first come home from a 3rd world country where the little things make us smile.  Simple things like sidewalks! Imagine walking down the street without having to dodge potholes, rubbish piles, and oncoming traffic!

Homeschooling Resources

My children learn just as much when we are out traveling as we do back at home, the learning is just much different.  At home we are enjoying our Learning Circle that meets twice a week for projects, mentorships, and friendship.  We are taking full advantage of the local library.  We are able to work on projects that take up space that we don’t have when we are living out of a back pack.


The air is clean, the water is clear, the land is lush with growth.  We are so lucky to live in Canada where the wilderness is so accessible.  We are breathing deeply.


What do you love about home?


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  1. Angi says:

    We too love our home, a constant work in progress. Travel, home, travel, home. They are like seasons and for us, one wouldn’t be as rich as it is, if we didn’t have the other. I too understand about biting off more than we can chew. I love the variety, I love the mental challenge of this lifestyle, but home always seems like so much work! Do you have any tricks for keeping your head above the water when home is demanding and yet you want to have the time (and courage) to plan and dream about where to go next?

    1. worldschooled says:

      It is all an ebb and flow for us. Sometimes when things get tough I just need to take a moment to remember that it is all a choice. I choose this. I can change it if it is not working. For the most part though we are just really happy with doing it all and creating an awesome life.

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