Setting an Intention for 2016

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions. This is probably because I don’t need to be motivated by an end of another year to make a goal.  I tend to make goals all year long and my goals undoubtably change and morph into new goals as time passes.

For the past three years I have been choosing an intention to mark the New Year.  A friend of mine was my inspiration for this. I thought it was so beautiful how she would choose a word as her intention to hold in her heart for the year, so I started to do it too.

My first word two years ago was INVITE.

My intention was to invite more into my life.  I meant this on a literal level, as in inviting more people over to my home or to events…more dinners, more bon fires, more parties, more conversations over tea.  I also meant it on a spiritual level…to invite happiness, calmness, and more energy into my life.

Last year my word was ACCEPT.

Again I chose a word that had a few meanings for me.  I wanted to say “yes” to more.  Being that I am a home body (and so are the other members of my family) it is always easiest to just curl up at home. I found by embracing the word Accept I would say yes to more invites to go out and have fun!  I also chose this word to remember to accept things that would happen to me, my family, my community. To understand that all things happen for a reason.  To accept the curveballs with grace and keep on moving on. To accept myself and the people in my  life for exactly who they are and know that we are all as we are meant to be in this moment.

This year my word is TRUST.

I am working on my courage this year. I want to gently squash the fear that comes up in me all too frequently. As I get older I seem to be more apprehensive at trying new things, at breaking out of my comfort zone, at going to new places.  Fear is quickly becoming more and more of a problem in our society as we are spoon fed fear on every media front.   This year I want to practice trust in the world.  To trust that for the most part people are good. That the world can be a safe place. That humanity is on the brink of serious change for the better.  And to trust in myself, in the choices that I make for my family, and in our choice to unschool our children.

DSCN0649Will you be choosing an intention this year?


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  1. Josée says:

    A beautiful word for the year Amy! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks Josee!

  1. Setting an Intention for 2017 | Worldschool Adventures says:

    […] for myself and my family. Each year I choose a word that encompasses an intention moving forward. Last year, my word was TRUST with the years previous being ACCEPT and […]

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