We were definitely the youngest people around when we camped at the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) at Imperial Damn near Yuma Arizona.  This is the place for retirees! Wowza!  So, so, so many people from the Northern States and Canada make their way down to Yuma to winter in the glorious warmth of Southern Arizona.


Imperial Damn LTVA provides a place to dry camp with facilities to dump sewer and grey water as often as you need. For this service a small fee is charged. We opted for the $40 fourteen day stay although we only ended up staying for six nights.  The camping spots are dry and dusty and reminded us of camping in a gravel pit. Not the most scenic camping and although I can see the draw for other folks it just didn’t do much for us.

DSCN4076 DSCN4077

As the name Imperial Damn suggests, there is water at this site. Unfortunately only a handful of the camp spots actually had a view of it.  Of course we went down to explore the cold water and found, to our delight, MUD!



Our kids favourite part about this camping spot (besides the mud of course!) was the wild donkeys that frequented camp.  Hello Donkey!


There were quite a few giggles when we spotted this one. Ha!

We made our way into Yuma a couple of times while we were there.  The back way was beautiful, full of agriculture.  We learned that 90% of North America’s winter lettuce is grown around Yuma.  We also stopped at Imperial Date Farms to try the renowned Date Shake.  Oh My Buddha. Date shakes are the bomb!  We had never seen date trees before either.  Here is what they look like:


The highlight of our Yuma experience (besides the date shakes!) was watching a civil war reenactment.  I maintain the fact that travel is one of the best ways to educate.  Growing up in Canada I didn’t know much of anything about the American Civil War save for the fact that it happened. This was a great way to learn about it for sure…although my goodness those cannons are way too loud!

DSCN4080 DSCN4081 DSCN4085 DSCN4091

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