Jiggidy Jig

Home again home again, jiggly jig.

As always, it feels so good to be home. Sleeping in our own bed, a fully stocked kitchen, a flush toilet, a hot shower. These things we take for granted that are such incredible luxuries.  I am so grateful to be home. In our house we created, in a country that we love. As with any country, Canada has its problems, but I would choose a life in Canada over anywhere else in the world.

We are busy digging in. Both literally and figuratively. The spring garden has been planted, we are looking to add some ducks to our chicken flock and a couple of pigs to raise for meat.  We have come home full of energy and new ideas.  A new business is in the works and old ones are being vamped up.  We are visiting with friends and throwing parties.  Nothing makes you appreciate what you have more than travel.


We truly enjoyed America.  The landscapes were beautiful. We enjoyed camping out in the desert and visiting National Parks.  We visited with family and got to explore Las Vegas. It was a good trip.

The currency exchange from Canadian to American busted our budget. Even though we hardly ever paid for accommodation we still spent more than expected simply due to the exchange rate.  I’d travel again to America, but only when our dollar is closer to par.

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  1. Sara Miller says:

    I have been happily reading your posts! Thanks for taking the time to document your travels.

  2. Michelle says:

    This weekend, while on a mini-vacation at the beach, we saw an ad to visit National Parks in Utah on TV. I had fallen behind in reading posts about your trip and when I got online that night, I read your post about Utah and immediately mapped out a trip to visit Zion National Park! Thank you so much for documenting your travels. I get many great ideas for future journeys reading about your family’s adventures. My planned route to Zion (and many other stops) will require at least 70 hours of driving time round trip, so we might wait another 2 years until our oldest son can share in the driving!

  3. Katherine Mizuhara says:

    Just read your message and I live in Las Vegas, I am glad you enjoyed it.

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