Next Stop, Europe!

The inspiration started when I was playing around on Google Flights. Google Flights has this awesome feature where you can put in your departure city and leave your destination blank. You can then search the globe to find cheap flights! I was looking for travel inspiration when I came across a smoking deal for a Vancouver to London flight in March.

My traveling wheels started to turn. Europe has always been a destination that we have wanted to travel to, but we never entertained the thought too seriously as it is such an expensive part of the world. The cheap flights were for three months. Would it be possible?


I started searching vacation rentals on Airbnb and realized that Europe might be possible if we rented apartments by the month. If we were gone for three months and we chose only three destinations we might be able to see at least a part of Europe within our budget.

After researching the possibilities we decided to take the plunge. We were finally ready to book flights! We went back to google flights and the flights were gone! Boooo! We were so disappointed!

We have been searching for seat sales for the last two months and last night we finally found another one! The price isn’t quite as good as the first sale but we are getting direct flights from Vancouver to London for $2500 CAD return for the four of us. We are going to Europe! Happy dance!

We plan on spending the first few days with family who live outside of London. After that….we don’t know yet! We have a few options that we are exploring. Our only for sure is that we want to spend one month in Budapest. Mike’s father was born in Hungary so it holds a special place in our imaginations.

Do you have any suggestions on where we should go on our European journey? I would love to hear them!

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  1. Rose Rose says:

    This sounds so exciting and as I live in London for past 10 years. I can ensure you can’t wrong any where in England or Europe! There is so much to do and hence the best is not to plan every single week/day and just take it as it comes. I would still reckon to plan if there is any specific event or festive going on around the time you’re plannin to travel so that you can make the most of it! Else, I wish your family a fantastic worldschooling adventure and keep it up.. I will follow you to hear again how the overall travel was ??

    1. worldschooled says:

      Thanks so much Rose! We are very excited!

  2. Beth says:

    This sounds like a wonderful trip! My family spent six weeks in Germany, Austria, and France last summer. If you ask my four year old for suggestions, he says his favorite places were Paris and Salzburg. But he’s obviously not concerned about the expense 🙂

  3. worldschooled says:

    Ha! Yes, Europe is going to be expensive! We have a few plans to help us keep the costs down though!

  4. Angie says:

    Exciting destination!
    We spent three months in Europe with our 5 and 8 year old boys last winter. We too found that a month long rental on Airbnb was a good option. For example we were finding month long rentals on the Mediterranean for under $500 CAD. We spent our first month right in the middle of gothic quarter of Barcelona and then went on to Italy where we change spots every week because we wanted to see so much. That was where the challenges started. The fast pace didn’t work so well for the family, the slow travel was much better. Other recommendations would be to rent on the bottom floor (my kids seemed 100x louder while there), consider rural properties where there’s room to roam (country kids in big cities was a good learning experience but they had some serious longings for open spaces and greenery) and finally, there was so much history having an idea of what I wanted to share (and brushing up on my own understanding beforehand a bit more) would have made my days less hectic. There’s so much to learn in Europe! Send me an email if you want to take a look at my blog and see how it all went in more detail.
    Bonnie chance! You will have fun I’m sure!! Highly recommend Sicily…

    1. worldschooled says:

      Wow, on the Mediterranean for under $500? Send me the link! Ha!

      We have also found that when we move around quickly the kids tend to suffer. Monthly rentals are much more our pace. That way we really get a feel for the area and don’t feel guilty if we want to have a home day.

      Funny you mentioned Sicily….you are the third person to recommend it to us. Must do more research!

  5. Pam Geddes says:

    Your trip plans sound fantastic! I was in Europe for a month in Sept/Oct and used the site http://www.longtermlettings.com. If you select MONTHLY RENTALS, it seems to offer a less expensive rate than HOLIDAY RENTALS and in most cases, allows for stays of just a day or two. The prices are amazing when compared to Airbnb and VRBO.

    I enjoy your blog and can’t wait to hear more of your upcoming adventure!

    1. worldschooled says:

      Oh great! Thanks for the tip! I will check that out for sure. Our plans are starting to come together now, I will update the blog soon! Glad you are enjoying my blog, it is so fun to share the adventure!

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    […] we purchased our tickets to London we have been spending hours on the computer every day researching our options and making plans. […]

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