The Beautiful Buildings in Barcelona’s Gothic District

Barcelona’s Gothic District is breathtaking. For our new-to-Europe family, we are amazed the by the quantity of beautiful, old, intricate buildings, the vast squares filled with cafes, and the amount of art that greats us around every corner.

Think narrow alleyways, grand gothic churches, boutique shops, cheesy tourist memorabilia, and beautiful buildings one after the other. There are so many beautiful buildings in this district that every single one deserves to have its picture taken. I wish my pictures did it more justice…I am not a photographer, I am a point-and-shoot iPhone kind of family travel blogger! Ha!



An expensive but oh-so-worth-it Gelato treat after a long day of exploring. These two cones cost 7.90 €!!! Luckily they shared with their parents. 🙂

IMG_0768 IMG_0766

We loved these statues of ants! So fun!

This church was pretty dang amazing. We happened upon it at the perfect time, as it is only open for tourists at certain hours. We got to explore it for a good 15 minutes before everyone in the church had to leave. Perfect timing!

IMG_0764 IMG_0760

While I stood in awe of this huge, intricate ceiling, our oldest son was aghast at the “waste of space”. He thought that this building should have at least six floors instead of one and believed that it was a waste of materials to have such a high ceiling. Ever the practical one that child!

IMG_0756 DSC_0465 IMG_0687

If I lived in the Gothic district, I think I would have a zebra mannequin on my balcony too! Wouldn’t you?


The doors are so amazing! Did they need to bring horses into these buildings?


Taking a little break by a fountain.

IMG_0639 IMG_0637

We have spent the better parts of three days exploring Barcelona’s Gothic district and we have still just scratched the surface. I could certainly while away my days there eating at cafes and watching the tourists go by!

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