Parc del Guinardó, Barcelona

We have been trying to intersperse our Barcelona city explorations with days at parks. While our family really enjoys visiting cities, we are not city people. To maintain a healthy balance for our one-month stay in Barcelona we have been seeking out areas of the city where we can get a dose of nature and fresh air (well, as fresh as you can get when inside a major city).


Barcelona is a port city that is surrounded by hills. On one of those hills lies Parc del Guinardó. We spent a day wandering up the many paths in this park, slowly making our way to the top where we were rewarded with an amazing vantage point over the city of Barcelona.



The hike up was lovely with wide paths amidst the pine trees and new spring blossoms. The weather in Barcelona at this time of year (March) has been fantastic. On some days we need our sweaters but most days we end up just packing them.

DSC_0354 DSC_0355 DSC_0372 DSC_0388 DSC_0390



  • There is a bus that takes you up to the top of Parc del Guinardó but the hike is really lovely. Don’t wuss out. Take the hike.
  • There are the remains of bunkers from the Spanish Civil War at the viewpoint. History buffs should enjoy it.
  • I keep saying this in all my posts and I am going to say it again. Pack a picnic! It was so nice to get to the top and lounge around over a picnic lunch. We purchase baguettes, sliced cheese and meat, and some sort of fruit for almost every lunch we have had in Barcelona. The four of us eat this tasty picnic for around 5 € total.
  • There are no stores at the top of hill. Pack water.

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