Wandering Rome With Rick Steve’s Audio Guides

When I posted in a traveling family Facebook group asking for advice on what to do in Rome, I was told about the free Rick Steve’s audio guide walking tours. Oh my, I wish we would have known about these in Barcelona! We downloaded all of the guides for Rome and we did almost every single walking tour available. Our kids loved learning about the history and Rick presents in such an easy going and funny way that the guides kept us all engaged. We saw things that we probably would have missed without the guides and we learned so much from them. I highly recommend them if you are coming to Europe and they are available for many of the main European cities.

Rome was made for wandering. Little alleys that open up to stunning piazzas.  Hole in the wall restaurants, sandwich shops, and gelaterias are tucked around every corner. Thousand-year-old buildings, opulent churches, and stunning statues await to be discovered. Four of our seven days in Rome were spent just wandering and those days were made more interesting with Rick Steve’s audio guides.


The Spanish steps where we saddled up for a sit down with thousands of other tourists. There are SO many tourists in Rome. Of course, this is for good reason, there is so much to see! But at times the sheer amount of people was overwhelming.


Amazing statues dotted the numerous piazzas. Apparently, this one actually has a spiral staircase inside that goes all the way to the top!


This is the famous Trevi fountain. It was absolutely stunning but it was wall to wall people. We actually had to shuffle through the crowds to get to the other side of the piazza (while holding on to our valuables so we did not get pickpocketed!)



The famous Pantheon, a Roman temple that is now a church that dates back to 126 AD!!!! What an amazing engineering feat!


The scale of this building was amazing. So huge and imposing. It now houses a museum. We didn’t go in as we strolled by at the end of a long day with promises of gelato down the street.


On our second day in Rome, we stumbled upon a tiny pizzeria. You pick out your pizza from behind glass and it is sold by the weight of the piece. My piece had mozzarella and artichoke hearts (no tomato sauce) and was literally the best pizza I have ever eaten.


If it was not for our Rick Steve’s guide we would not have known that the fresco on this building was designed by Michelangelo!

IMG_1230The monk depicted in this statue was burned at the stake for his heresy beliefs. He preached that the earth revolved around the sun.


The oldest surviving bridge in Rome. It dates back to 62 BC. Hard to imagine that it has survived all this time.


Hey Star Wars fans, check out this ancient Roman ATAT Walker!


This was in the Jewish Ghetto area. These old ruins dot the city. Old next to new.


Walking down narrow alleys and all of a sudden…tada! A beautiful fountain in yet another piazza!

DSC_0328 DSC_0332

The history, art, and architecture in Rome was incredible and we were so happy that we chose to spend seven days in this city.

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