One Month in Budapest

It is hard to believe our one month in Budapest is already over. It seems like we have just arrived and it is already time to leave.

We loved the apartment that we rented for the month with it’s soaring ceilings, large open rooms, enough beds for all of us, and not one, but two couches! Oh, it’s the little things that we appreciate when we are sleeping in other people’s homes for months at a time!

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And although we loved the apartment, we did not fall in love with the area we were in. We were right in the ruin bar district which made things rather loud at night, especially on the weekends. But it was within walking distance to a lot of sites and the metro, bus, and tram stops were all super close.

We loved a lot of things about Budapest. We found that prices were quite reasonable there. Eating out was not too expensive (much less expensive than Barcelona). We could have sit-down meals for about $8 CAD each, and street food like Gyros for $4 CAD each. We also loved the weekend markets and would often go to one each weekend just to try new Hungarian foods.


Hungarian Goulash was a favorite amongst our family, especially when served in a bread bowl!


This dish is called Lángos and is a fried dough with your choice of toppings. We liked to have it with sour cream and cheese.



We ate many a kürtőskalács in our time in Budapest. These beauties are a dough that is wrapped around a wooden stick, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and then roasted on a fire. Yum.


A market beside a castle. Oh Europe, how we love you!


We did not go hungry in Budapest! It is definitely a meat and potatoes culture with a lot of sweet pastries and dairy products. I think there are ice cream stores on pretty much every street corner!

The buildings in Budapest are beautiful and the setting of so many beautiful buildings along the Danube river is picture perfect. We loved wandering the streets, checking out the sites, and learning about the history of Hungary.

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The public transport in Budapest is top-notch. It was SO easy to get around the city. Hopping on the trams was how we found many of the playgrounds in the city. Budapest does have some beautiful playgrounds! Our favorite was the one just past the Hungarian Parliment building, Olimpia Park.

IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1975

For the most part, we very much enjoyed our time in Budapest. It is a beautiful city to explore, the people are friendly, most people speak English, and we had several people go out of their way to help us when we were trying to figure something out.

And just so you don’t think it is all rosy, Budapest has a homeless problem (as all big cities do) and we were surprised to see so many homeless people sleeping on mattresses in the metro stations. We found that certain areas were quite dirty, but again, this is a problem that most big cities have. We did start to get fatigued with city life as we have spent the last two and a half months in big cities.  We also had some really crap weather in April, some days it was so cold and rainy we did not even leave our apartment.

We are very much looking forward to the next two weeks which will be spent on a housesitting gig in the Hungarian countryside!

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